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  1. I everyone! So much has happened since I last posted. Got divorced, went back to gluten. No more GI symptoms, but...
  2. I've had this rash on and off for years. The last 9 months its getting worse and worse. I was gluten-free for a year...
  3. glutenfreemamax2

    Remember Me?

    Thanks! I. Look back at my old posts and I see how truly miserable i was. Now the new symptoms baffle me.... Lol
  4. glutenfreemamax2

    Profile Pic

    Since we are no longer married- how do I get rid
  5. glutenfreemamax2

    Karma Is A .....

    Dh has had the big d since yesterday. He said he's exhausted and he can't keep his eyes open most of the time. He has...
  6. glutenfreemamax2

    Karma Is A .....

    Here is a big update...... We are almost done with our divorce..... He told me the "gluten drama" was the end. He found...
  7. What dosages and what? I take a multi, that's it. If I remember i take the vitamin d. I need a good calcium, but I...
  8. glutenfreemamax2

    Feel So Belittled

    So I have family in town who I have not seen in a while. They are all nurses. They know I'm gluten-free. My one cousin...
  9. glutenfreemamax2

    Purposely Glutened

    Anyone have thoes few things that you can't resist? My dh brought dunkin donuts munchkins for the kids. When no one was...
  10. I am trying to find other members that share similar life as me. Sounds from your post you have children and a husband that can eat "normal" food. I am there with you. I am still trying to figure out this site but I tried to add you as a friend, if you don't mind that is.

  11. glutenfreemamax2

    Newborn - Mother With Celiac

    Ok, here is the certified lactation counselors' view :-) 1. Are you on any meds? 2. What kind of delivery (section...
  12. glutenfreemamax2

    Weight Loss Buddies

    Ok, here is the rapid start plan from dr. Phil. There will have to be some modifications to it to take out the things...
  13. glutenfreemamax2

    Weight Loss Buddies

    I'm down 1 pound this week. Due to all the yucky colds exercise isnt looking promising this week.
  14. I just started the prescription. O don't know why I didn't think about it, but I called the pharmacy tonight to see if...
  15. glutenfreemamax2

    Generic Prozac

    But the manufacture is not listed there. The manufacturer is a company called LEG.
  16. glutenfreemamax2

    Generic Prozac

    fluoxetine 10mg
  17. glutenfreemamax2

    Generic Prozac

    What is a scrib? I know he is I was so pissd off! I td him he should know or be able to find out. He said I would...
  18. glutenfreemamax2

    Adhd -Hyperactive Kids

    I was just diagnosed with ADHD (at 30) but have had it my whole life. I notice if ibget glutened it gets much worse....
  19. glutenfreemamax2

    Lactose Or Casein?

    Something just started bothering me again. I have not eaten out, and have been over anal about my meals. I'm assuming...
  20. glutenfreemamax2

    And Another Diagnosis...

    ADD. I'm 30 years old. And then when I said something to my mom about it, she says "oh yeah, they told me you had that...
  21. glutenfreemamax2


    Anyone else dealing with it?
  22. glutenfreemamax2

    And Another Diagnosis...

    I steers therapy yesterday. She is the one who diagnosed it in one session. I started reading about it. The OCD diagnosis...
  23. glutenfreemamax2

    And Another Diagnosis...

    I'm exclusively breastfeeding. I'm scared to take anything.
  24. glutenfreemamax2

    Weight Watchers

    Anyone doing it? What kind of modifications do you make? I stay away from dairy and eggs as well. I'm watching dr oz...
  25. glutenfreemamax2

    Weight Loss Buddies

    I am up 2 pounds. I have been eating portions that are to big and not enough exercise. I just got p90x. Now I have to...