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My daughter was diagnosed in 2nd grade with Celiac Disease, after spending her first seven years of life with extreme stomach pain. Initially they called it Colic. Of course, she never grew out of it. Each year became progressively worse. Pediatricians kept calling it "growing pains", and many suggested to us that she was a hypochondriac. (We switched pediatricians several times because of our dissatisfaction with them.) Her behavior problems were so extreme, we took her to psychiatrists and psychologists who thought she was bi-polar (as a pre-schooler!) One wanted us to put her on a very strong anti-psychotic drug, but we refused. Finally, we insisted on being referred to a gastrointerolgist who suggested the endoscopy. In the meantime, her current pediatrician was telling us it would be a waste of time. She suspected her pain and diarreah was due to stress at home.

It turns out her villi were almost completely sanded down. Since 2006, after her diagnosis, we put her on the gluten-free diet. As long as we don't have cross-contamination issues (restaurants or misguided pharmacists), she is a completely different and NORMAL child. If she does get gluten in her system, the symptoms start up like clock-work, 12 to 24 hours later, and last 1 to 2 weeks.

We no longer take our kids to pediatricians (even though they are now 11 and 9). We all see the same family practioner who seems to be well-versed on gluten intolerance. :D

  1. This sounds so much like my daughter's behavior before she was diagnosed with Celiac's in 2nd grade. My heart breaks for you...it is not easy. However, if it is the extreme stomach discomfort that is causing her behavior issues, there is a prescription drug for intestinal cramping called Dicyclomine. It can be given as needed for such emergencies. We have also found that probiotics given regularly lessen the symptoms when she is accidentally glutened. Good news: Our daughter is 18 now, and succeeding very well in college. A word of warning though if your daughter is that sensitive (from fact
  2. Our daughter was diagnosed in 2nd grade with Celiac Disease through an endoscopy in 2006. For 7 years prior to her diagnosis, she had horrible stomach cramping, eczema, she alternated between diarrhea and constipation, headaches, and horrible behavior problems (to the point we took her to several psychologists and psychiatrists). Now that she's gluten-free, she's a completely "norm...

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