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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Gluten Neuropathy

    My daughter and I believe we have neuropathy from gluten intolerance or Celiac. Mine started in March of this year, my daughter in July. My symptoms are mild, peripheral neuropathy and tremors now and then. My daughter gets severe migraines, much more persistent and painful neuropathy, and tremors as well. The most harsh of the symptoms disappeared when we started gluten-free, but she still gets some of the symptoms which worries us that more foods might be an issue as well, or perhaps there was damage.
  2. Hello, I am new here. My daughter has recently become ill with what we will only be able to assume is (partly) Celiac or severe gluten intolerance. Prior to July, she was a fairly healthy (though very thin) child (age 10), with her only major complaint over the years being horrible canker sores that would take over her mouth on a regular basis (I have always suffered them as well, as did my father). In July she suddenly became very ill with many digestive symptoms. To make the long story short, we know that she carried the HLA DQ-2 and HLA DQ-1 alleles, and that she now reacts violently to gluten with digestive symptoms as well as horrible migraines and peripheral neuropathy. She is 100% gluten-free and will remain so, so we decided to forgo biopsy as it seems to be a risk with little benefit, since she clearly needs to be gluten-free either way. The only other thing we know is that she shows evidence of a prior EBV infection, perhaps that was what started this whole mess? On to my point in posting on this thread. I've read quite a bit about GAPS and SCD over the months she has been sick (she is not completely better, though much improved on the gluten-free diet). What I am wondering, as we consider this option and discuss going through such a diet with her- has anyone here actually been "cured" of celiac disease with this diet? I understand that by nature these diets are gluten-free and very easy on the digestive system, so I understand that she may well benefit from the diet in making her "all better", but I am curious about the idea that after a couple of years, perhaps she might be able to all things, simply being sure grains are "properly prepared" and a small part of her diet, etc. I'd welcome any thoughts on this, thank you for your time. ~Patty