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  1. Gluten Free Indy will be having the 4th annual Indianapolis area gluten-free Pitch-In on June 19th in Carmel, IN from 4 to 7 pm. Please e-mail Jen to rsvp or get more details: jenvanhoozer@hotmail...
  2. Hello everyone!! It is time to start thinking about the Indianapolis, IN Area Gluten-Free Pitch-In! I will be hosting our first community-wide gluten-free pitch-in. It will take place on Saturday...
  3. Ok, just wanted to reiterate on the whole iron-RLS connection. I just read this research below: Recently, several research teams have taken a closer look at what might cause primary RLS. In particular, recent studies at Johns Hopkins and Pennsylvania State Colleges have found evidence for brain...
  4. ALSO: IGGs are the slowest to rise and to fall in response to gluten and the removal of it from the diet...so if, for example, you are a recovering celiac, your IgA could be normal, but your IgG could still be elevated. It is usually the last to return to normal. My own first set of bloodwork...
  5. Hmmm, I have never heard that with food intolerances...with them starting with the skin. If you have food allergies or intolerances and eat an offending food, you can get a rash from that, but I haven't heard of skin exposure to a food causing a food intolerance. eKatherine--Do you have...
  6. If it isn't a skin issue I wouldn't worry about it personally. I do not use anything with gluten in it of course...but I might use a product that had milk protein in it on my skin, as I have a dairy intolerance.
  7. I think it would be worth trying some of the more 'natural' laundry products. We use 7th generation and it works great. You could ck out their fabric softner: http://www.seventhgeneration.com/our_produ...c_softener.html Ecover is also a good brand. I really like their stain stick: http:/...
  8. Patti-- I don't know, maybe this would bother you too...but 7th Generation (what we use) has a lavender scented high efficieny detergent...
  9. Jess- Don't worry...that makes perfect sense after an infusion. Mine were higher than yours post infusion and still normal. Most likely, the number will drop and "even out" over the coming months.
  10. I don't do dairy now, but when I did--Edy's was hands-down the favorite too. If you go on their website--they identify gluten-free flavors as gluten-free in the description.
  11. Shelly- Well, everything is normal! The body is a curious thing ! Glad the meds are helping. I guess you can continue to pursue other causes. If I come across anything, I'll let you know... Glad you slept
  12. I have never heard anything about the bar of soap...placebo effect perhaps? Let us know what the iron tests show...I still think this is one of the top causes of RLS. And a better solution than having to go on meds...but it that is the only option...sleep is a must! Let us know...
  13. What's your story? How long have you been gluten-free if you are? Any chance you may have some deficiencies like iron?
  14. Carla- Hi! That was probably the source of your problem too... Glad you don't "chew" now either!
  15. Ask for a full iron panel--not just hemoglobin. Ferritin and iron... One of my numbers was the lowest my hematologist had ever seen...but my hemoglobin was never as bad. Ice chewing is a sign of anemia for many people--and a crazy one too! (On days where I was home our ice maker could barely...