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  1. Thanks for the info ladies... Here is one more for you: Post Honey Comb. What do you think? I believe its a Kraft brand, and has no wheat, barley, rye, just corn/oat flour. I saw it on a gluten-free list somewhere. Do any of you eat it? It seems a little shady to me since it belongs to a gluten-full cereal producing company :huh:

    And where you are all at in the oats debate? Do you partake or not? I did read McCann's had the lowest incidence of contamination of all the brands and is considered gluten free. That's what I have at home. What do you think?

    Gracias !!


  2. Here's a question for all you veterans-- I was recently diagnosed with Celiac. Have you found that you are pretty much on your own or do you suggest finding a GI doc or a nutritionist to work with long term? My impression of my GI doc is that he doesn't have too much to offer me. Besides the obvious change in diet, do you go back to have your blood tested periodically, to check on your progress of healing? Any other suggestions for a new lifestyle plan?