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  1. These are my online favorites, below. All these stores carry different items, so its hard to find all the brands in one place. Have you tried amazon .com too? They are selling more and more gluten-free food...

    The gluten-free trading post http://www.food4celiacs.com/ An entire store in WI where everything is gluten-free. Huge selection and they turn orders around pretty fast. Great way to try new yummies.

    The gluten-free pantry http://www.food4celiacs.com/ Their own products and mixes are good (skillet meals are nice too) and they carry a good selection of Shar products which can be really delicious and hard to find...as well as many other brands.

    The gluten-free mall https://www.celiac.com/catalog/index.php I don't order to often from here, as I'm not as big of a fan of the selection (just preference), BUT they have pria bars, chebe mixes and a few hard-to-finds that I love.

  2. My mom was diagnosed with osteopenia years ago and refused to take meds. She has improved her bone mass via diet, aerobic exercise and weight-bearing exercise. It can be done! Read this thread for some thoughts. I also copied a previous post of mine, below. http://www.glutenfreeforum.com/lofiversion...php/t20892.html

    did your doc talk to you about options for treating your osteopenia? my mom had it. some docs may try and tell you to go on meds such as fosamax...but my rec is to not do so. since it is osteopenia and you are young, the drug will actually freeze your bone mass, so to speak, thereby freezing depletion, however it can also stop your chances of increasing your bone mass. instead of drugs initially, you can try other things to increase mass, limit alcohol and caffeine (which can deplete bones), start doing weight bearing exercises and begin taking a calcium supplement every day, if you aren't. docs wanted to put my mom on fosomax, she is in her 50s, and she refused. they told her she wouldn't reclaim any bone mass, esp. at her age...BUT she has been working out, lifting weights, taking a supplement, and has increased her bone mass, and is testing okay now. so, it can be done... there's my treatise on bones!! some info on osteopenia for you:

  3. We found quite a few options while vacationing in Destin/San Destin. Here is my breakdown of where we went.

    Bone Fish Grill, near Destin Commons mall (fun mall)

    Outback is also in Destin and they did a fine job.

    In Baytowne Wharf, San Destin (cute shopping area)

    -Another Broken Egg Cafe: http://www.anotherbrokenegg.com/ (Is also in Destin)

    (corresponded with owner/chef beforehand) Has huge menu with lots of omelettes, salads, burgers, fruit etc. They worked with me and it was great! You can really have a lot of options here. Bread is kept in its own area too, as I was told. They do breakfast and lunch each day.

    Marlin Grill: nice, upscale restaurant. they worked with me, some meat, veggies options etc. http://www.baytownewharf.com/shops_and_din....asp?listing=37

    Sweeties: sorbet, ice cream etc. The sorbet I cked was gluten-free. Just fruit, water, sugar. Be a place to ck on ingredients and find options. http://www.baytownewharf.com/shops_and_din....asp?listing=44

    Seaside, FL Visit here if you haven't--new urbanism village on the beach--so cool! restaurants, shopping etc.

    Heavenly Shortcakes & Ice Cream: had sorbet that was great. they let me read any ingredients I wanted.

    Hilton Hotel & Resort, San Destin

    Sandcastles: more casual restaurant, made me a safe meal. Our server had multiple food allergies and didn't eat gluten either!

    Barefoots: casual outdoor grill, also does deliver on the beach :) Had a great burger, fruit.

    Seagars: very nice restaurant. go here if you are willing to spend a few bucks. only 5 star restaurant in the area. excellent excellent. best steaks of our lives. fabulous service.

    **I also worked with Angelia Brown at Hilton who coordinated for me in advance with all the chefs, restaurants...to give them a heads-up. If you want to stay there, ask me for her e-mail and I can pass it along.

    Lastly is Beachwalk: http://www.beachwalkcafe.com/ We ran out of time and didn't get to dine here, but from my correspondence with the chef, I would definitely recommend. He seemed excited about coming up with some meals. It is a well known restaurant on the beach and seems like they would do a great job.

    Hope this helps someone out... PS: October is *the* month to visit this area--beach and town was uncrowded and weather was perfect!

  4. I totally understand, I've had this happen to me many times. But, its best that we don't get too upset, because then we are only hurting ourselves. And this won't be the last time, unfortunately. For some people, its simply being ignorant of the situation...and I think we've probably all had a moment of ignorance in some form. That being said, it does stink....and when we have lots of these little experiences adding up, it stinks even more! :angry: It probably doesn't bother me quite as much as others, as I would rather bring my own food than have someone else try and figure out something for me. Just easier. On a side note, a friend has a Celiac daughter and wants to help her feel like her lunches aren't so boring. She bought her a real bento box to take her lunch in and make it seem more *special*...so maybe the whole jealously thing can work :P

  5. Do these recipes use a lot of soy? I may need to check this one out. I got one issue of gluten free living, wasn't super impressed....a lot of money.

    Yeah, there are quite a few of us here who aren't the biggest fans of the magazine. Hmm. Well, the magazine is for all types of food allergies, so I would say most of the recipes would be easy for you to make soy free if they aren't already. All the recipes are gluten-free and most are cf. But the instructions usually talk about substituting ingredients too.

  6. Hi Jen

    Soooo glad you posted now. Forgot it was coming up so fast but bet not fast for you.

    Can't wait to hear about it...esp the resturants that are 'looking forward to serving you' wow that's cool.

    Have a wondeful time know you need the rest.

    Jim and I want to go there too so will be anxious to hear how you do.

    Love and safe travel.


    You should! I'll take notes and give you the full scoop when I get back. (Can't wait to go to the Le Creuset outlet there!)

  7. If you are aware of dreaming for a large part of the night you are not getting enough of the deeper levels of sleep. Human sleep patterns have a number of levels and all of them need to be reached for a certain amount of time in a cycle that goes on all night. Once you are able to sleep soundly the crazy dreams should lessen. Vivid dreams can also be a side effect of some meds, I don't know what you may be taking so I don't know if this might be a possibility.

    I actually don't take anything now. Just birth control and allergy meds. I have thought that I probably don't get to all those levels. Yes--lots of dreams, pretty much every night, vivid and I usually remember most of them. Gives me this feeling that when I wake up in the morning, I feel like I was "working" all night in my sleep.

    Just thought of two questions for you--how long did you take it and did you get a sleep hangover during the day ? I know some people get that effect initially...

  8. yes, they are cupcakes. Unfortunately, they are gluten-filled ones. My partner (bless his heart) made 300 cupcakes for our wedding last year as the ones we were pricing from bakeries were way overpriced. Fortunately, I was able to eat them last year before I was diagnosed with Celiac. But even better, we still have TONS of icing in the freezer which is gluten-free and would taste good on mud!

    Those cupcake towers (or whatever the technical term is!) are very cool. I also got to eat my own wedding cake. Not that I wouldn't have loved to have been diagnosed years ago...but I'm also glad I was able to enjoy the spice cake we had :)

  9. I will answer the low dose of something else part of this, I used to take a very low dose of amytriplimine I don't think I spelled that right, but it was prescribed prediagnosis before my fibro and arthritis went into remission (with the gluten-free diet). I was told it had a low risk of side effects and was not addictive, I had no problems stopping it, so I chose that over a sleeping pill because at the time I was on enough addictive meds. Don't know if this info is any help but figured I would throw it in there.

    No, that is helpful !


    That's interesting...b/c I have those kinds of crazy dreams all night. I wonder if mine would go away ? :rolleyes:

  10. Ursula,

    Thanks for the doctors note idea. I will take it and medical records. Yes, I have friends rallying around.

    She doesn't have Celiac, she has gluten/casien sensitivity. You know, so it's even harder to prove. All the doctors agree with Enterolab but are afraid to officially say that a non FDA approved diagnosis is accurate.

    The bad part is that last year my husband was diagnosed with celiac. That is how I knew to have her tested. He knows what her problem is and is using it.

    Thanks Nini, I do have a good attorney. He is behind me all the way. He is sick of my husbands insane abuse.

    :D VydorScope, I laughed outloud at your unchristian like insert. Trust me, I have inserted several, several times.

    Thanks everyone for your prayers. I know what kind of mom I am and so does he. I have a 22 yr. old and and 18 year old also and dozens of people who have watched me raise them. I guess the scary part is knowing that the courts have made bad decisions about so many good people. I need to go breath, turn to my Lord and remember that I'm not in control and that is a good thing.and the Judge isn't in control either. God is.

    Thanks for your understanding and support.

    There is some really good advice here, so I will just chime in with some prayers. Praying faith, courage and perseverance for you.

    OH, and praying that whoever is involved making a decision will be discerning and see the truth of it all...

  11. Thanks my daughter is doing well :) behaving like a normal two year old now and getting into everything. my dh's grandma had alzheimer's so it was sad but a relief to not see her suffer anymore after 5 years of it. She couldnt handle it since her husband died and was lost without him. He was the only one able to calm her down. He died three years ago. They were married for 62 years and never spent more than a month total apart during their lifetime (other than work).

    Thanks for the suggestions on the omega three oils. Im on glucophage for insulin resistance and the last time I tried flax seed oil I wasnt off the throne much at all that day. The medicine has a nasty effect on fatty diets. What others besides fish oil (nervous about mercury) and flax seed are out there?

    Autumn- My grandma had alzheimer's...such a hard disease. She had been so active, vibrant, intelligent, witty, independent...was quite a woman. She knew what was happening and it was hard to watch. She could have had it even worse than she did though, so I'm grateful for all the time we had and that it didn't progress even faster.