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  1. I know a lot of you are pissed at me right now, but I need your help.

    I went to my allergist yesterday and I've developed a secondary allergy to gluten. Goody.

    When I ingest gluten or touch gluten, I get hives. Not good.

    I'm going to culinary school in 3 months. Therefore, the allergist has me trying gastrocrom to see if it will allow me to be able to handle wheat and not break out into hives so that I don't have to live on benadryl everyday.

    OK - That's the story, does anyone have any experience with this drug? Thanks!

    No experience Chel, but yikes...I hope you figure something out soon. I want you to be able to pursue this dream of cooking too !

  2. I wouldn't say its close to the real thing--not a soft thick crust. It is thinner, maybe between chewy and crispy, depending on how long you cook it. That aside, I really like using the crust alot. I probably use it most of the time for me because its 1. fast (no yeast to deal with etc) and 2. tastes good. However, if you are going to be *really* picky about texture etc... you might want to try a yeast based mix first.

  3. Whoa, your GI is too hands-off. IMO, from what I've read and experience, I think its best to have follow-up blood work (full panel) yearly. And at 6 mos or so after going gluten-free. Follow-up biopsy isn't a necessity, its debated here, but I did one a year after going gluten-free to check progress. These are helpful to check your progress, and a good back-up safety measure. Go here and read this--great overview on follow-up testing, when, what etc, should answer your question: http://www.celiacdisease.net/CeliacDisease...85/Default.aspx

    Follow-up blood work:

    Serologic Tests

    EMA (Immunoglobulin A anti-endomysium antibodies)

    AGA (IgA anti-gliadin antibodies)

    AGG (IgG anti-gliadin antibodies)

    tTGA (IgA anti-tissue transglutaminase)

  4. I am wondering if I should just get rid of all the gluten-containing food in our house or should I wean the kids from gluten slowly. I have heard that some people can have "withdrawl" from gluten if they give it up too fast. What have other people done? I don't plan on buying anymore gluten food, but should I throw or give away all the gluten food I have? Thanks

    Absolutely stop cold turkey. Why prolong any damage or harm to them? Kids are resilient and you'll be able to come up with some good gluten-free alternatives for them pretty quickly.

  5. I have 4 options locally for purchasing gluten-free foods - Kroger, Giant Eagle, and two health food stores. At the health food stores, they have 'wheat-free' products in the gluten-free section. I have debated with them on this and they won't change it. Also, they tried to sell hamburger buns to me that were from 'sprouted' grains. They tried to tell me that these were gluten-free.

    I agree with others - you always need to watch out for yourself, unless you have an inside person at a retailer that really knows their stuff.

    That store sounds frustrating :( I wonder how many folks have "trusted" their misinformation...

  6. Thanks for the info...unfortunatley I had contacted PureOlogy a few months ago and was told that none of their products are gluten-free. I had this confirmed again today. I'm checking to make sure though because they always say their products contain wheat, oat, and soy protein. So I want to find out if that means they ALL contain all three proteins OR if some may just contain soy, which would be safe...I'm waiting to hear back again. I'll post when I get the answer!!! Thanks again!

    Yeah, let me know what they say, b/c there aren't any gluten ingredients in the product I use. Maybe its their cya. I know some definitely have wheat etc...don't use any of those.

    All of Giovanni hair products are gluten-free (even the golden wheat shampoo). I use their mousse off and on and it works pretty well with my curls.

  7. HI, I 've had a high ana for a longggggg time too. It's been as high as 640 with a speckled pattern as well, but all tests have come back negative. SO I don't know either. I"ve been going to rheumatologists for years and they don't know either.


    Wow...that is quite high. My doc was saying around 360ish is usually lupus. Are you feeling poorly too? Or just the high numbers?

  8. Angie-

    Yeah, I think your take on Grist being lighter is a good way to put it.

    I'm still loving my Strongbow cider ;)


    Maybe they are sisters :) Vet said she needed to lose 20% of her body weight. She was pretty fat when we got her from the shelter. Is much thinner now, but needs "kitty lipo" we say as she has this little belly skin hanging down. She really is cute though, I'm making her sound gross :lol:

  9. OMG Jen....it's ancient history and I didn't even look at the date!! :lol: You must have been so confused....

    The dingos.....they worked with me at a winery for almost four years (Well, Tika did - Annie's arrival led to their being fired :angry: um, TWO big greeter dogs was a bit much)....Tika jerks her head away from the smell of alcohol - Annie - she would be a drunkard if I let her, I am quite sure she would drink her fill as she always tries to lick the glass.....

    but they are both gluten-free now so I'll have to make sure it's Bard's! :rolleyes:

    Aw, good thing you're watching Annie :) My Maggie would be a binge eater if we let her. She has an eating disorder for sure--constantly whining for more food and yet she still has her little belly hangin low :)

  10. I just met the new beer maker from Bard's, at the Celiac conference at Stanford last weekend. Tasted it - bought a six-pack - it is quite good and tastes like real beer! (um, there is LOTS and LOTS of beer in my past, not Miller light - blah - and I think I should know :ph34r: ). I was so excited! Drank one at my friend's and I felt like a normal person.....the rest I am saving for other "normal" occasions! :rolleyes: Anywho said beer maker told us that the beer is now closer in alcohol content (it's been raised about 1.5 percent) to normal beer.

    BTW he told me they sell Bard's at Beverages and More!

    Jen - knock yourself out! (well...not TOO much....) ;)


    This thread was from such a long time ago I saw the title, then my name and was like "What?! When did I post that?" :lol: Yeah, I had the Bard's--and so fun you met! You should like a beer snob ;) Had the Grist too...but am not a beer aficionado...so can leave the comparisons up to you! (I was a scotch girl...yum). :D

    Do your dingos ever take a sip? :D

  11. This looks delicious Betty...but *sniff sniff* it calls for cream cheese and I don't do dairy. And all the gluten-free cream cheeses I've had are majorly bleh :blink: Hmmm, perhaps I could fill it with something else... (Will think on that). Thanks for posting though!

    Oh, and a nod to some other things mentioned here---

    I am a makeup lover too ;) Lynne and I had some fun makeup times when she came and visited. I showed her my "case." :) And aprons--I really dig them. Not afraid to say it. I collect them--cool funky ones, antiques and many my grandmother handmade years and years ago. (Lynne--temporary hijack--) some great aunts of mine when through my great grandma's aprons and did a presentation on the family to them--pretty interesting. All sorts-of different aprons for gardening, baking, summer kitchen, winter kitchen etc. etc. Sometimes I feel like we don't really understand the meaning of *cooking* anymore--not like it was back then.

    Okay, end hijack to say thinking of you today Lynne...

  12. You could make your own. I found this recipe on one of the Delphi forums. Boil/simmer about one tablespoon of whole flax seeds in about 1/2 cup of water for about three minutes, strain the mixture. Combine equal parts of flax seed gel with aloe vera gel, store in the refrigerator. Use in place of regular hair gel. I bought the dark flax seeds. I store my gel in a Sally's bottle made for applying hair dye. This recipe does not work with ground flax seeds. You can change the proportions of the flax and aloe vera gel to change the holding power. I think more flax gel gives more hold. The flax gel also helps with shine.


    Seriously ? Wow! That is cool :D

    Well, not as cool at Kathy's ! but the Frizz Ease mousse has worked well for me, and now I'm using Pureology Real Curl (have to get in a salon). A lotiony styler that smells amazing! I wasn't sure how it would work at first, since I have fine hair--but it promotes great curls and doesn't weigh down my hair at all. http://www.pureology.com/

  13. I had a low positive of 160 homogeneous, and 80 peckled (less 40 negative). My only known autoimmune disease is Hashimoto's thyroiditis (anti-TPO > 900). They did look for some other antibodies, but none turned up for me. Celiac Disease and Hashimoto's can cause an elevated ANA from what I've read. as well as many others.

    This lists some of the other possibilities~



    P.S. Can they go away? YES! I know somebody who was diagnosed with Sjogrens and had a high anti-ANA. She totally reversed her symptoms and her antibodies by dietary changes, removing gluten, casein, soy, corn, and possibly a few other things I can't remember.

    Thanks for the thoughts... I met with my internist yesterday and at this point we're just going to retest later to see if it increases. I just wondered as it was negative previously and has gone up....post gluten-free. Oh well ! Hopefully it will stay or go back down again.

  14. Thanks so much :)

    Sorry I havent been online in a while. Dh's grandma passed away (family out of state stayed with us) and my daughter is recovering from surgery.

    I have an eye appointment with the opthalmologist a week from wednesday. I might try just not sleeping in them. My eyes did need a rest, I have been wearing contacts for almost 22 years and they needed a break.

    Take Care and hopefully I will have an answer for this next week :)

    Sorry to hear about your husband's grandma Autumn... Let us know how your appt goes !