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    Lynne took this picture! :)

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    Hit up our local group - Gluten Free Indianapolis!
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  1. As gfp said--be grateful for the fact that you like to cook--b/c that is a big help with a gluten-free diet! You can cook so many great things! Most main courses are easily made gluten-free as well as baking recipes too, with simple ingredient substitutions. A few items get tricky, but overall, once you get the hang of it, its not so bad. Can you give us some specific things you'd like help or ideas on?

  2. Im glad to post it :)

    Its so easy!

    You use a box of white cake mix and dont add any extra ingredients written on the directions. Mix a can of orange crush pop ( can use diet pop also) mix it and bake according to the directions. When cooled mix cool whip with powdered orange jello. Add by tasting to get the orange flavor you want. Its tasty and you can make it diet friendly by using diet pop and fat free or lowfat cool whip. Hope you like it!

    Wow...so don't add anything but the crush? That's amazing...I wonder what the science behind it is that it still bakes etc ?! :o:D Does it matter the size/ounces of cake mix? I've had some that were for different size, ie. one 8" pan or two 8" pans. Thanks--I'm so curious to taste it! :D

  3. Hi! I've had both and they are not bad... The worst parts are being hungry b/c you can't eat ;) and just the *annoying* prep for the colonoscopy...but no need to be scared, although I understand being so! These procedures pretty much go without a hitch for the vast majority of folks. Good luck and hope its over soon so you don't have to think about it anymore! :) Think of the peace of mind having both can give--that you will know exactly the state of things in there and can find any other issues...and also have a starting point to track your celiac with.

  4. Thanks Jen for taking pics of Lynne. When I talked to her last night, she told me about the fabulous lunch you had and that your Mother is so nice. She had a great visit. She said she would put up one of the pics that your Mother took. I really envy the members that live so close to each other.

    Yeah, it is a real blessing. We have several local groups in Indy, but I've also been able to get together with 3 people from the forum--always fun :)

  5. I am in Greencastle at DePauw University...I am originally from Massachusetts where it is a lot easier to find gluten free food...Having a very very hard time in greencastle.

    Hey--I went to dpu ! Graduated in '01. Do you have a car? You're only an hour from Indy and you could come in to stock up on some things. Where are you living on campus?

    PS: I'm in Indy :)

    I am in Anderson. I don't have a diagnosis yet but am almost positive I have it. I am pretty sure I have DH on my behind as we speak! New to all of this and not real happy about it! Any support would be appreciated! :o

    I know another new Celiac in Anderson... She comes down to Indy periodically to do shopping... Says there's not much in town there :( Do you have ingredient lists? These great lists are really helpful in shopping, to see what is safe and what isn't. https://www.celiac.com/st_main.html?p_catid=12 Any specific things you are struggling with?

    PS: If any of you would be making a trip to Indy--I think I am going to have a local gluten-free pitch-in this fall. If you'd be interested, send me your e-mail...

  6. Its so funny how all of our tastes are different! I would definitely recommend people to try Vance's...and I did in this months issue of Natural Health mag. (Sorry--had to mention ; ) But to me, it has a very strong taste...something a little funky to me--an artificial something?? I think all the alternatives are worth trying, if you don't mind spending a few $$, to see which you like best. I use rice milk on my cereal and some cooking where I want a mild taste, soy milk in some sweet or baking type recipes or when I want something with a thicker consistency and Vance's for making "ice creams." But you may like a very different combo !