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gluten-free '08

GI IBS, food induced nausea, cramping, cold urticaria,

No doctors have ever even remotely suggested food intolerance. Without insurance I was having such issues I finally made an appointment with a GI specialist...after spending way too much on appointments and a colonoscopy the specialist asked me if I "really ever had these symptoms" I had complained of. :angry::o

I wanted to rip his hair out. I gained nothing from the experience except contempt for specialists. I learned that most doctors want to make money without having to go out of there way to listen to anybody else or god forbid think for themselves. I have only tested negative with blood testing and refuse to see a GI specialist again. I know that my body is not as angry bloated gassy, fatigued or nauseous when I stay away from the gluten. I have a feeling I will need to eliminate much more to be as healthy as I would like to someday be. Cheers to a great start. :D It is nice to have others to console and compare realities with.

  1. Hello

    gluten-free 08

    Took me until my 30th Bday to admit I was ill...many set backs. Now I am gluten free 95% of the time and feel much better.

    I know I have other food issues struggling with giving up what I know.

    I think sugar might be one of my problems but am an addict. Thank you for all who have posted. Nice to know I am not alone.

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