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  1. punkin513

    Taco Bell Chicken

    Well what I do is put some chicken in a bowl and add nacho cheese and sour cream and eat it like that. The new dorito...
  2. Thank you so much I will go buy some today it's going to be a hot one so some ice cream will be a nice treat
  3. First of all here is the website to back up what I'm about to say http://nutrition.mcdonalds.com/getnutrition/ingredientslist...
  4. I was trying to find out if the new very yummy looking good humor mounds ice cream bars are gluten free. Here are the...
  5. It says on the website to check the box because old boxes still have oats. New boxes do not. I've eaten two very large...
  6. punkin513

    Culver's Ice Cream

    You know it's funny I did the same thing when I went to culvers I grabbed the nutrition information and couldn't find...
  7. punkin513

    Gas Station Cappuccino

    Update to my post above this is from Kwik Trip gas station regarding the french van. cappuccino Nutrition Facts Product...
  8. punkin513

    Taco Bell Chicken

    I can't figure out of Taco Bell chicken is gluten free or not. I eat it a few times and today is the first time I've...
  9. punkin513

    Taco Bell

    Taco Bell beef contains wheat, also the crunchy tacos contain gluten. I work at Taco Bell there isn't much you can have...
  10. punkin513

    Taco Bell

    I work at Taco Bell and anything that is fried in our stores is UNSAFE for celiacs to eat. TACO BELL IS A NO NO! The...
  11. Gemini, shopping guides are a great resource. For instance Gluten free grocery shopping guide by Matison & Matison...
  12. punkin513

    Gas Station Cappuccino

    Yesterday I went to Kwik Trip and really wanted cappuccino so I asked the person working there if I could read the box...