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    Cooking, walking, TV, my pool in summertime. I don't like Winter, I like Summer. Can't wait to retire!
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  1. Just had a colonoscopy to figure some pain issues. Seems all is ok...been great for two weeks but now getting weird pains again. I'm thinking there is some cross contamination happening. I live in a household of 5...mom & the only celiac. So...trying to figure out if these pains are gluten related.

    I believe there is a difference between straight out glutening pain and cross contamination pain. Straight glutening is way more involved, painful & longer lasting. Cross contamination is more variable. So the reason I had the scope was some pain in the upper right side and the lower right side. Pretty consistent in the lower right side but the upper right side was new. I had a gallbladder ultrasound and it looked fine...

    So..I'm thinking it's celiac pain...anyone else get pain there ?!?!?

    Hey Northern Elf,

    That is exactly where I was getting pain, in my upper right side almost up under my bottom rib. Had the pain for about 9 years. Had colonoscopies, cat scan, nothing was found. I did not even know what Celiac disease was.

    I finally changed doctors and was lucky enough to get a GI doc that actually did a biopsy during an endo for celiac disease and it came back positive. The doc asked me who else in my family has celiac disease and I was totally puzzled. Then I started reading and researching celiac disease and realized that my mother must have had it. She was told ulcerative colitis in the 1960s and she was always complaining about heartburn. Well she ended up dying from pancreatic cancer and 9 months later her first cousin died from the same thing. I truly believe it was undiagnosed celiac disease that killed them.

    The pain in my side went away in 5 days and if I get accidentally glutened that knife stabs me in the side again.


  2. ok, so I thought my levels were ok, but I was mistaken. I'm anemic and my Vit D level is only 15! (should be 30-100) My dr. prescribed some Vit D that I will get today and I bought iron yesterday and it ripped up my stomach...yuck! Does anybody have any recommendations for a form of iron that's better on your stomach?

    Also, I sent my dr. an email already...but I'm scared. With this low of VitD should I get checked out for other bone issues?? I've been taking martial arts classes 2-3 times a week for 2 yrs and now I realize why I've been in so much pain...that it's not totally due to the classes! I'm wondering if I should take a break from it until my levels get higher??

    My knees are really sore today!

    Feeling like an old lady!! :(


    Hi Kim,

    Started iron just the other day call VITRON - C and it hasn't bothered my stomach at all and it has vitamin c in it. Im also B12 deficient, Folic acid deficient hopefully now I can absorb the vitamins. My vitamin D was ok but I was taking 2000mg a day. I do have osteoporosis and have read that staying gluten free will help with this.

  3. So most of the reason I made a Thanksgiving dinner this weekend was so that I could have my own safe dinner at my parents house. Sure it was nice to have it with family too, but that was the real reason I did it. Now my mom is trying to make as many things as possible gluten free. But the fact of the matter is, they are still being made at the same time as other floury things and such. My mom still doesn't quite get the idea of cc. But my husband knows how sick I get and stuff if things are cc'ed. My parents kind of understand the diet, but not entirely... Am I just being ridiculous?

    I don't think you're being ridiculous! My husband and I were invited to my girl friends house for Thanksgiving and I told her "believe me you don't want me for Thanksgiving". I too get sick when I get cc'ed. and I would rather be safe and cook my own food, even pans that things are cooked in can be CC'ed. When I make it myself I don't get sick.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  4. I was diagnosed with Celiac last Friday. I started the diet then. I keep reading here about CC. I am wondering if I really should be as worried about it as people here are? I need to see if I do ok with cutting out all gluten first, then I will see if I am so sensitive to flour floating in the air at Thanksgiving. by the time I get to our dinner, everything will be cooked already so I'm not going to panic over possible CC. Are there people here who are not sensitive to CC? Or does everyone make sure they are never near wheat/gluten of any kind even if you aren't eating it?

    I just don't get it. I';m sure people are more sensitive than others are, right? There's got to be different levels of intolerance, right?

    I don't want to think I have to walk around in my own little plastic bubble or something! :(


    I was diagnosed Oct.21 this year. Really hard around the holidays. I know some people are more sensitive to small amounts of gluten. I bought myself a couple of seperate non-stick pans that dont do grilled cheese sandwiches or any gluten products. I'm doing steaks and baked potatos for Thanksgiving. I know if I eat turkey that had stuffing in it, I will be sick from it. I don't run away from flour though, I just make sure I wash my hands after handling bread. I haven't gone out to a restaurant yet but there are alot of them out there with gluten free menus. I find it quite a big change since I used to be able to go out at lunch and grab something anywhere, now I bring my food with me. Now the office parties with food are starting and I can't eat anything. Yes CC is dangerous because this disease could be a killer. I can't even use my toaster because it is contaminated and I bought myself a new cutting board. Hang in there, not eating gluten is better than the alternative. Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. chicken leg BREADED with crushed corn chex, potatos and spinach??????!!! can i come over???

    I also had a case of getting many surface cavities. On check up I had 7. I was diagnosed with a biopsy during an endoscopy. This is going to be a new adventure in cooking for me. It kills me that I have 2 delicious eggplant pameseans in my freezer that I will have to give away because of the breadcrumbs. But I will find a substitute for the breadcrumbs, maybe I'll try the cornchex. Can't wait to try it.

  6. Shelly,

    Welcome to gluten-free living! Sounds like you are already feeling the benefits! All my joint pain went away, too...and I didn't even realize it was related to celiac! Sounds like you are learning well how to cook! There are lots of great resources here. Don't forget to watch any medications you do choose to take for headaches/pain are gluten-free. I know advil is, as that is what I take. Welcome again! :D

    Thanks for the support. I guess I'm lucky that I like to and know how to cook. I'm looking at this as sort of a new adventure. I never was a bread, pasta or desert person so I feel fortunate there. The fact that they found I have Celiac is so fortunate in relation to the people suffering and not diagnosed. Now I know what was wrong and why I was feeling lousy all the time.

  7. can u eat anything more substancial than soup & an apple?? like meat & vegtables... nuts.. vegtables & some EVOO... eggs?? turkey & avacado... i find that a HEALTHY low carb diet balances my sugar. if i only eat fruit or some gluten free cereal- i could have a sugar drop later...

    Oh yeah, I eat steak, chicken, potatos, rice and vegies. And found gluten free rice and corn chex right in the cereal aisle of my grocery store. I also found gluten free Bisquick today. Had chicken leg breaded with crushed corn chex, potatos and spinach last nite. Today I am feeling real good. Had gluten free rice/corn cake with cottage cheese this morning, soup and crackers for lunch and another apple and I have not had a headache all day. I even walked about 1 1/2 miles at lunch. My back that has been hurting for years suddenly doesn't hurt anymore. I must have been really sick from the gluten.

  8. Hey there,

    Headaches are definitely normal during the first couple of weeks, especially during the first week. Your body is detoxifying itself and that can lead to a lot of symptoms until you finally get over that hump. During my first week of gluten free I had a rollercoaster ride of symptoms but most went away shortly after. Also, remember that everyone's body responds a little differently and to be patient with your recovery.


    I'm not sure you got my reply because I have no idea how this message thing works. Hope you got it.

  9. Hey there,

    Headaches are definitely normal during the first couple of weeks, especially during the first week. Your body is detoxifying itself and that can lead to a lot of symptoms until you finally get over that hump. During my first week of gluten free I had a rollercoaster ride of symptoms but most went away shortly after. Also, remember that everyone's body responds a little differently and to be patient with your recovery.


    Thanks Jakey,

    I also found out that my headache may have been caused by low blood sugar, felt much better after eating some soup and an apple. That may be why I have been so tired also. Headache still there but very weak.