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I am a 27 yr old mommy of 2 beautiful children Michael(6) and Giavanna (3).I live in New Jersey. I am looking to meet other diagnosed celiacs like myself to enjoy my new "lifestyle" with:)

  1. I eat them all the time and have no ill effects i was told they have no gluten ingridients even tho there is not a label stating gluten free
  2. yes i have tried 2 times at home and had worse reactionss but it was much earlier on in the diet:( I think i might need a new coffee pot it might be contaminated it hink not sure.This is the first time i was brave enough to try it out i guess it was a stupid move i think i will try starbucks next...
  3. yes i mean i called them and they reassured me all there coffees even flavored which i didnt try were gluten free ughh it stinks i know they said no starbucksss tho
  4. Ok so i was at the mall with my mil and am still relatively new to the diet almost 4 months in,ok well i drank coffee 2 times since i started the diet both with reactions so i have layed off aside from those times the last 4 months.I decided its time to try again i am dying without my coffee:(So...
  5. i was exercising before i got sick too how funny:) You have the right attitude you will be ok xoxo
  6. hey loey i was a waitress for 5 yrs so i was always around other people and there germs as well:( I think its early in your diet and within a yr or so i think you will build yourself up enough where you dont get sick as much xoxo
  7. Mushroom i agree 100% you got it right not more suspitable just harder to get rid of i have had a harder time getting rid of things myself the past few yrs and i am 3 1/2 months gluten free feeling better but not 100% i keep getting chest congesion although i dont take anything and the heat in my...
  8. Hey Loey, My answer to you would be YES celiac disease can supress your immune system because your eating the offending foods and your bodys trying to fight them off which in turn makes you less suseptible to fight off other infections.I however am lucky and was diagnosed fairly early and my blood...
  9. i was 27 when i was diagnosed but now that i think of it have had weird symptoms since i was a little girl,also always been more big on"rice" anways. I look at it this way the younger you are diagnosed the long life you will live HEALTHY!! Goodluck xoxoo