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  1. Hey Guys,

    I thought i was going to possibly be able to possibly rid my seasonal allergys since this diet has improved everything else.I thought i was good to go but oh course comes the dreaded stuffyness, otchy nose and scratchy throat boooo.My question to you guys is does anyone know where i can buy any mainstream allergy meds??Like at target,walmart or walgreenns? I heard Zyrtec is a nog o that used to be my go to medicine.Thank you xoxo

  2. Hello i agree with Sylvia it is very hard when it comes to makeup especially MASCARA!I have found some products avon has ALOT of gluten-free products you can contact them for there gluten free list:) Bare minerals line has great facial makeup i use you can find there products at sephora.I have found great mascara very expensive but works and dosent irritate my eyes its called Tarte lights,camera,action is ca also be found at sephora:)Hope this helps goodluck it gets easier with time xoxo

  3. Chanel is such a wonderful company. They FedExed me a list of their products that contain gluten/corn/soy ect. Most of their products were listed as not containing gluten, but there were a few that I had questions about so I emailed them back. They send me the full list of ingredients for each of those products, but now I'm left with tons of chemical names and don't know what they mean. Nowhere do I see the words wheat, barely or oats, but what other technical/chemical names should I look out for?

    For instance:

    Isostearyl Isosterate

    Trimethylolpropand Triisostearate



    Diisostearyl Malate


    Caprylic/capric triglyceride


    Stearalkonium Hectorite


    Ascorbyl Palmitate

    Propylene Carbonate

    Citric Acid

    And what about dyes? ie Red6, Yellow6, Blue1

    Thanks. This is complicated.....

  4. Thank you for your input:)Beth i agree i bought pistachios from target which ingridients just said pistachios.Well that night well over half of the contsainge ri had the runs all day the next day it was HORRIBLE.I am not terribly sensitive like some others and i am not sure if it was just because i ate to many or a gluten reaction it seemed to be more of a reaction i eat nut bars and peanuts in shell all the time without reactions so this left me confused:(

  5. Hello All,

    I am having a hard time finding nuts and seeds that are gluten free??Does anyone know any mainstream brand nuts or seeds that are gluten free??I really want some to throw in my salads and just to munch on in general:)I have looked at planters products alot of them say conains wheat. Why in the world would you put wheat in nuts???UGh they should ban wheat all together that evil evil grain lolz..

  6. My sil was diagnosed hasimoto's thyroid after she had her first son 8 yrs ago and has been having trouble with it ever since.Soon after the birth of her second son she developed AIHA which is a type of autoimmune idopathic anemia.After a bout in the hospital her anemia is soo low she will need a tranfusion if it gets any lower and she developed a goiter from the hasi's.The doctor now has mentioned that she should be tested for celiac disease.

    My question is are these diseases associated with celiacs??What are the chances she is celiac?I know you obvously are not doctors and can only give your opnions but you opnions do mean alot:)Thank you ~Melissa~

  7. Sparks you hit the nail on the head!!!I felt this way as well before going gluten free coupled with terrible depression and angry mood swings,boy i must of been a joy to around. I am so lucky my kids and husband love me reguardless!I mean physically this diet has helped me alot but mental wise its a TREMENDOUS difference.Feels so good to be NORMAL =)

  8. Hey Guys,

    This is my first St.Patty Day gluten free,I know im safe with the cabbage and potatos but my question was what kind of corned beef would be gluten free??I have heard cooks brand is but do not know where they are carried .I live in northern nj and i have checked wit my shoprite.I know that corned beef is pickled does that mean they ALL contain gluten??I def need some help PLEASE!!!! ~Melissa~

  9. wow soo interesting i told my friend she should stick to the diet for life as i do to be honest she seems to be having more problems than me and i am celiac and taking into account her borderline diabetic whicch could possibly be from being overweight and extremely low vit d dosent help her either i just hope she takes it as seriously as i do.Cause to be honest the results sound like they could both be the same

  10. yes i agree the diet does not change.But if you get a celiac panel and one or 2 things look a little elevated and the doctor decided you are gluten intolerant or celiac how do they determine from bloodwork is what i want to know cause from my bloodwork they told me i was celiac right away.just curious how it works???but my friends they said the level/levels looked A little elevated then they said gluten intolerance anyone have similar experience??

  11. Hey guys i was diagnosed with celiac disease via blood and biopsy in sept.Agood friend of mine has since been having alot of the same problem i have and i suggested she get a celiac test well what do you know the doctor said she was probably gluten intolerant and borderline diabetic that he wants her to loose 30 lbs and try the gluten-free diet.My question is from a blood test can you tell if someone is just gluten intolerant???If shes making any antibodys on a celiac blood test wouldnt that suggest it??Also what is the difference between the 2, i was told by gp that they were both the same but then heard from others that they were in fact not. Cant gluten intolerance cause celiac??and will gluten intolerance ever go away??I know celiac wont:( Thank you i just want to address my friend correctly as it seems her doctor is confusing her xoxoo