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  1. I cured my gut in the end too. I'll never cure from the secondary condition but gut wise I'm fine. I no longer eat carbs, well.. Not many. For me that provides enough natual immune suppression to let the gut heal. I have the opinion that grains with gluten highlighted and sugar with fructose highlighted is killing you all. In the end rather than ingest bacteria I forced a change in species survival by not eating carbs, easy. No more white tongue no more small intestine pain etc. My IgE level has dropped from 4200 to 220. All clonal cells and abnormal cells in my blood work are resolved and my kidney function improved back to normal. I'm not posting here anymore because I disagree with too many people. But just take that on board and good luck, try to imagine what foods you could find left to fend by yourself in nature during Winter in Europe. Eat and sleep like that, that's exactly what your immune system is built for and all you need to know.
  2. Just a note about the antifungals. I did diflucan and nystatin for many months at one stage. They arent very effective on candida and diflucan is a harsh drug, imho youll achive more on your diet but itll take a long time. Fungi can lay dormant for... Years no problem, its no instant thing. Try the antifungals but keep a watch on side effects and blood tests if you are doing them long term. Best way to change the fungal load is change the enviroment they live in. More acid and less sugar is good. Acid as in when your pee and poo is a little acidic all the time, itll go dormant but will take a very long time to go away. The diet shes suggesting will do that, just go with what she suggests. She sounds a good dr, not sure why you would do a biopsy when its captain obvious. Dq2 AND dq8 both together is very prone to all kinds of problems. Modified starch is a problem wheat based or not, 1422 gives my son hives and has given my father siesures that he takes weeks to recover from and neither of them have problems with anything else. I stopped eating gluten years before I had any testing done simply because my mind would go weird within 5 minutes of eating bread and id have wild diarrhea 20 minutes later for.. 5 years i lived like that. Fixed the day i stopped eating gluten, the bleeding sores on my back ive had for 20 years have finally almost stopped now, 7 years post gluten.
  3. Celiac disease is genetic , the damage causes secondary auto immune disease. You wont see anyone from pure african stock with it because they haven't crossed out with other human species with the stronger immune systems. They will still get messed up by anti biotics though. It should be a given you dont eat gluten if theres genes or family history(50%) of western europeans carry dq2, i dont know why anyone stil eats the stuff, its effectively a slow poison.
  4. Im only posting general knowledge. Wikipedia ok, but i cant be searching links for every little forum on the net. For years all i did was read papers and visit specialists until i was able to find my diagnosis. I learnt a lot, im still not 100% but no one else is doing any better than I am. Its worth paying attention. Just this once ill google for you to get you started on how the immune system develops. .http://www.asm.org/index.php/88-news-room/journal-tipsheets/8564-antibiotics-disrupt-gut-flora-in-infants-recovery-still-incomplete-after-8-weeks http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/news/media/releases/birth_by_c_section_early_antibiotic_use_put_kids_at_risk_for_allergic_esophagitis http://www.nature.com/news/2011/110921/full/news.2011.550.html http://www.wired.com/2014/04/missing-microbes-antibiotic-resistance-birth/ Here in Australia families with unusual immune systems(like mine) are not immunised until after age 6, by then the th1 th2 balance wont shift from viral load like it does in infants. Same thing with disease, once your immune system has matured unbalanced itll always be like that. Early life is very important and all the western countrys have been doing it very wrong. My local gp has flat out refused to prescribe antibiotics to anyone aged under 3 for some years now. If you really want them you need to change gps. He refuses to be responsible for the consiquences. I trust the guy with my life and on his advice I argue and stand my ground in the birthing room. Very small risk of things going bad but very good chance of things going right. 6 months ago my wife endured a near 4th degree tear 1.5 litres of blood loss, two transfusions and 2 hours of post birth surgery just to get bacteria into the last child despite having exsisting damage and could have opted for a c section. Shes well read on the subect too. Theres nothing more important than this stuff in medicine right now, if you dont want to believe it thats ok, it doesnt effect me. Ill still be zero carbing to stop my mast cells from functioning and ill still be slooooowly trying to change my immue system after it being broken in infancy by heavy antibiotic use. 45 years later im in remmision but its a tough thing to stay in control of.
  5. There are recent studies which show a much greater incidence of immune system disease in kids which have had antibiotics in early life, either at birth or as infants. The one I read was pretty much no antibiotics no disease it was about as conclusive as you get in a study. I do think antibiotics are the major source of modern disease, because they mess so heavily with the gut flora which itself is the major balancing force in our immune systems and body as a whole. It not only it's effects on the person it's directly been given too either. You only have to give one mother antibiotics once before shes even a mother and youve straight away killed off the bactierial lines that have been passed from mother to daughter during birth for the last.. 10s of thousands of years. so it's going to effect every ongoing generation. The species found in the remaining natural tribal women is completely different to western countries. My son was given antibiotics at birth despite my complaints about it in the birthing room.. I ended up being much more agressive with the daughter a couple years later to the point of arguing for 30 minutes about while my wife was in the bed in labour until I got my way and she has MUUUCH bvetter digestion than the boy ever did. She's one of these poo once a week breast feeders with perfect stools every time. My son has always had pretty excessivly runnny poo and every day. I'm trying to get the girl share half eaten food with him etc:p but it maybe too late. I'm always finishing her food too.. lol gota get that bacteria in somehow. I mean that doesn't have much to do with gluten (or lactose) , that's just badness for the people that carry neanderthal immune systems. But it probably changes how well trained the immune system is and how it sees these hard protiens that are mistaken as pathogens.
  6. I was vegan for 20 years. Hardened strict, saving the world and all that. MAJOR mistake for HLA gene Europeans. Some people thrive as a vegetarian some get ill. If you are not a glowing eyes example with perfect thick skin Id be getting onto a fat based diet before serious damage is done. Some genetic groups just dont do well with the heightened legume and grain consumption and will certainly accerate celiac disease onset if you have the genes. Celiac disease is very common amoung vegans.
  7. You can probably read up on immune systems somewhere and how it is trained by gut flora in the early years. Im just repeating what ive learned from my doctors. You can sometimes achieve cures in auto immue type diseases in young children, usually not in adults. Although they think the adult immune system can change but they relearning must be veeeeery slow. As for lactose thats almost always the first sign of gut damage caused by celiac disease, getting an actual strong immune system response to gluten doesnt happen until much later. Muuuch later sometimes, like 20 years.
  8. Catch up growth is a real thing but its something that happens strongly early on with kids that got low quaility/not enough breast milk or not enough sleep in the first 6 months. My son was below the 5th percentile from 2 months to 6 months but had huge growth once he started solids. At age 2 hes above average and continues to grow at a 100th percentile rate. Having said that he would have been bigger with a good start and weve been pretty excessive with his nutrition ever since. He ate at least one avocado aday from age 6 months to a year and eats eggs every mornig, he drinks 1 litre of goats milk now everyday. He wears size three tops at the moment, hes never eaten anything with dubious nutrition (grain free). So you can increase rate of growth(both parents are under average btw). But youll get less growth from an older child just because they are growing slower at that age. Still you have 17 years left to push his height so dont waste any meal.
  9. Good theory but Im going to suggest your daughters immune problems came from damage in her youth. Kids immune systems are set in their ways by the time they are eight. If your having trouble with milk , celiac disease is already there years ealier.
  10. Your doctor is right. If you have both dq2 and dq8 you should not risk eating gluten. Also people with celiac disease are easy to pick for anyone with some experience. The hla genes are inherented from ancient humans, it gives you immune system advantages but isnt really compatable with modern processed life. It runs deeper than just gluten imho.
  11. It can take years to get better, some people dont recover. B12 shots will fix most of your curent problems within hours of the first shot. Theres a chance youve developed further immune system disease but hopefully not. Youll have to find your own way with foods but my tip is more fats, less carbs.
  12. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25302070
  13. We are going to come down pretty harshly on this because the long term undiagnosed are living with unfixable problems. Keep eating gluten and you may as well roll a dice on your next autoimmune disease. Get unlucky there and you can end up with organ failure. Youll be at a very high risk of cancer, brain disease etc. Its like dead serious buisness, for you gluten is poison and thats the respect it needs.
  14. I had EoE or something similar when my celiac was at its worst. Which then became a full on eosinophilic disease. Kimuras disease most often involes the saliva glands. An IgE test will confirm or clear you of that easy enough. (thats what I have). It also often causes kidney problems (blood pressure etc). Almost impossible rare but I think you warrent an IgE test to be sure you dont have it.
  15. You have auto immune disease , positive bloods. You have celiac disease. Genius idea to do nothing, wait for the damage to be permanent, wait till you get t cell cancer, hodgkins. Great idea:). STOP EATING THAT SHIT TODAY, thats what any sane doctor would tell you. Ps have the gene test, if you have that and eat enough bread you will get celiac disease... Eventually
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