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  1. I went through a zillion doctors before I figured out was wrong with no help from them. My current doctor says that I know far more about Celiac than she does. She says that if certain foods make me sick don't eat them. If your diet works for you then stick with it.

  2. Thought I'd post here again. I thought things were going to work out after diagnosis. Celiac caused me a lot of problems that caused us a lot of problems. Behavioral, sexual, being too tired to take care of stuff, etc. Things with me are so much better now, but my husband just can't seem to let go of the resentment that he built up over all the years that I was sick. Now he keeps bringing up those things that I did before diagnosis. It's been over 2 years. That sick me isn't the me that I am now. Can't we go forward from here? It seems not. It seems I have to make amends for actions that were caused by my illness. It isn't seeming very promising right now.

    Reverse the genders and that is the story of my former marriage.