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  1. Hi. I'm reading with interest all of these posts and I am with you on this subject. I've had a terrible reaction to a rice cake, which actually did note on the package "made in a facility that uses wheat products". I missed the note on the label and only saw it after my reaction. Because I am extremely...
  2. I suspect so. Wish the information on the box would say this in a more obvious place or manner. It's sad that companies producing the products don't take extra care in how they market their stuff. I have to think they just don't realize how people suffer as a consequence of eating something they...
  3. Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with celiac a year ago. I started experiencing stomach trouble 15 years ago. I had extreme stomach pains combined with non stop diarrhea, gas, the works. The Gynecologists I went to, after testing me via upper and lower endoscopy decided that "my problem is in my head...
  4. I had to laugh out loud reading your last comment. I bought a packet of mixed nuts and fruit labeled gluten free & came home and read the "rest of the information" & lo and behold it lists as being made in a plant that also uses oat. Now why would the package be labeled gluten free if there...
  5. sounds good to me. I'm going with your advice although I'll watch this thread in case someone tells us othewise. thanks.
  6. Am I understanding correctly that if my daughter using the oven rack for wheat bread & I only use the oven placing my gluten free foods in a pan on the rack, I can have a reaction to this? Even if my food does not touch the rack? Please explain. I'm a newbie. Thanks.
  7. Hi all! I've been diagnosed with celiac a year ago, Dec 3rd 2009, to be exact. I started immediately on a gluten free diet and was seeing results by the third month. Soon after this, I found out about a terrific bread recipe, made of gluten free oat flour and was as excited as a kid in a candy...