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My husband and I live in South Florida. I am semi retired but am still in the teaching field as a substitute teacher. After graduating college, I was diagnosed as having Hashimoto Thyroiditis. Later on, I was told I had IBS. Recently, the symptoms have gotten much, much worse. I think now that instead of being diagnosed as having IBS, instead my ailments could be either celiac, gluten intolerance, SIBO or a combination. At this point - am still waiting for some kind of diagnosis.

My mother had some dietary bowel problems for years but she never discussed this with the family. When I was growing up, I do not believe that most people went to the doctor over bowel or food intolerance issues. Many thought that either they had a sensitive stomach or ate too much or had a food intolerance. In those days, people just avoided that which seemed to bother them. Now I wish I knew what ailed my mother - but she is no longer alive, having died at age 89 with whatever dietary problem she had during her lifetime.