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  1. I found this site irritating. I had a paid membership for a month and half the time the sign in server didn't work. When I did get signed in, the products I wanted to check out (like something with natural flavors in it) they hadn't done the research with the company so they didn't know any more than I did by simply reading the label. I've had better luck Googling and finding info from a manufacturors website or in here where's someone posts info where a company emails them Back.

    That was my experience, hopefully mine was on the worse end of things

  2. Does anyone know of any commercially made gluten-free chicken salads or pimento cheese spreads? We are going camping over the next couple of weeks and I would like some easy sandwich/cracker/chip toppers that I don't have to make myself. Yes, that sounds lazy but I am already prepping 15 days worth of dinners and breakfasts for 6 - 9 people and something has just got to be easy.

    Any help would be appreciated, or if you have other easy lunch type ideas that would be great too.


  3. Syl - glad they ruled out EE - to be honest when they mentioned it to me it freaked me out. I finally have found a new General Physican and she thinks some of my issues are from how my body is processing carbs - so I'm looking at a low FODMAP diet.

    As for the Non-stick issue mentioned above - nonstick is porus, I just recently discovered I was making myself sick as well! I ended up buying stainless steel replacements - it isn't porus, so I can cook for myself and cook for my husband and feel like it is truly clean in between. I am going to buy 1 new non-stick pan for making hasbrowns though.. can't get them to cook right in stainless.... and my husband just isn't allowed to use it! Cast iron & stoneware (like Pampered Chef stuff) is porus as well and can't ever be cleaned... just in case you have some of that lying around.

  4. You mentioned High White count in your blood & in your GI tract - did your doctors consider Eosinophilic GI Disease? Those results coupled with your symptoms I would ask your doctors about it - this was something my allergist recently went over this disease with me as a possible cause of some of my ongiong issues (random nauesa, not sleeping through the night, idigestion while on meds). At this point my GI doctor doesn't think that is it for me, but my white count isn't up.



  5. Throwing my 2 cents in - It is nice to see so many whose migraines went away so fast - wish I was that lucky!

    I have had severe migraines for several years - prior to being on maintence preventative meds i was haveint 4 or 5 a week. After going gluten free, it wasn't until I hit the 6 month mark that I saw a real reduction in frequency. I have gone from 8-9 a month to 3 a month - sooo exciting! I can't wait to see what the next 6 months will do!

  6. I have been diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, Kidney stones, Insulin Resistance, Thyroid Disease (Hypo), Migraines, and Celiac. My GI Dr. just order test to check Magnesium, Zinc, Albumin, and my Vitamin D (we know this was low, trying to see what it is at now). My B12 was also low and I have been supplementing this as well. He also ordered a DEXA scan. My regular physcian refused to do any of the above.

    I think I figured out over the weekend that my Insulin Resistence meds are too high now - I'm assuming due to intestinal recovery/body working better. I have been gluten free for just over 6 months. Best I can tell, I have had Celiac since 1994

    My GI Dr. referred me to the Penny George Institute - and I think they will be great from a Nutrition perspective and really digging in and helping me get completely on track, but in the meantime I need to see someone for the every day stuff (ie my meds need to be adjusted because I'm healthier now)

    Thanks for the replies!

  7. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good general physician in the twin cities MN area? My current gp doesn't think I've had celiacs very long, whereas my GI and myself feel I've been sick for awhile. My GI referred me to a new doctor but they don't have an appointment open for over 6 months.

    Any help would be appreciated, as I feel like I've got some non GI issues I'd like to get resolved but no longer trust my regular doctor!