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  1. I just found this blog today, and also just found coeliac/gluten allergy symptoms described almost exactly what Ive been dealing with for years, hoping to get tested in the next couple of weeks. Many of these tests have a very high false negative rate, so a doctor might not interpret a negative result correctly. Try to find a site, or ask your doctor (or get a new doctor!!!) what the false negative rate is for the test as well as the accuracy of the test (the probability that the test does signal positive if the disease is present). I have a background in math and statistics, so ive seen the math behind some medical tests. Best luck to you, and I agree with the advice above: just because the test was negative doesn't mean you aren't coeliac or gluten intolerant. If eliminating gluten from your diet gets rid of the symptoms, then power to you!
  2. reddgreen

    Anyone Had Dh On The Scalp?

    Thanks to everyone for your posts. I have had terrible GI symptoms, as yet undiagnosed, and misdiagnosed, and terrible scalp itch just like described as DH. I never thought the two problems, GI, and extremely itchy bumps/lesions on my scalp could be related to coeliac/gluten. I just found this blog today, and have never heard about such problems with gluten. Im extremely disappointed that my many GI doctors over the years never even talked to me about it. Hoping to get in to see my GI, calling him tomorrow. best luck to everyone getting back their health.
  3. reddgreen

    Night Sweats?

    Hi Twinkle-Toes, Thanks for posting, this is great information. I've had horrific night sweats on and off for years. When they come, just like you mentioned, I wake up and my head is soaked like someone threw a bucket of water on me. I haven't been able to correlate with food, but I only just found out about gluten/coeliac today, surprisingly, by an accidental web search which led me to a few wiki entries and this blog. I can stand the night sweats, but, akk, the GI issues are just horrific, so bad I can't stand it any longer. Ive had many useless trips to GI doctors, none even mentioned that I could possibly have coeliac or gluten allergies. Thanks to everyone, and also for suggesting elimination diets to find out if some other food is helping to cause the problems. Im calling my GI doctor tomorrow morning and pushing hard for gluten/coeliac tests, hoping to get to the bottom of 20 years of very awful GI issues. Best luck to everyone to get back on the road to good health! Regards, Mike
  4. Hi Melstar, Wow, your story sounds great in that you found out that eliminating gluten got rid of most of your symptoms. Im really, really sad to read: "The other thing that annoyed me was that he gave me a print out about gluten intolerance which said that gluten intolerance is often a psychological disorder regarding wanting to control food, rather than a physical health problem which is celiac disease." which is almost absurd! My background is math and statistics, so Im not at all surprised that some doctors see a negative result in a weak test (a test that does produce a large number of false negatives), and tell you that you're not celiac or allergic to gluten. Ive been suffering for decades, and the past 10 years have gotten steadily worse. Ive been through many CT scans, which I now believe were completely useless. And not a single one of my GI doctors even mentioned the possibility of Coeliac or gluten allergies. I live on sandwiches, eat a muffin or toast, etc., most are loaded with gluten.I just found this blog today, and actually never heard about coeliac or such symptoms as mine being related to gluten intake. Im going to call my GI doctor tomorrow and push hard for a gluten/coeliac test, and hope to get to the bottom of this after many miserable years. Best luck to you, I hope you're on the road to permanent good health. Please post your status again when you get a chance. Regards, Mike
  5. Dear Jenny, I sincerely wish you the best of luck getting diagnosed, and on the road to treatment. I just found this blog today, and this is my first post. Your symptoms describe mine to a tee, when I was your age. My doctors over the years have just about ignored me. My last GI specialist could do nothing but request CT scans with awful contrast dye (that I have, unfortunately, developed a horrible allergy to). My trembling occurs when I am hungry. I get more than dizzy, and have fallen over a few times. I sweat more than usual when this occurs as well. It comes and goes. I hear you about never having "felt right", or well. My digestive tract disorders have gotten progressively worse over the past 10 years. I'm now 50, and its gotten to the point where I can not stand the pain. I get terrible burning pain in my upper intestines, gas pain, and stomach pain, GI bloating, alternating diarrhea and constipation. I feel weak most of the time, can't sleep due to the digestive tract pain. My lactose intolerance has gotten much worse over the past 15 years. Depression, low blood sugar (and its related symptoms), as well as vitamin deficiencies, I have these as well. Not one of the many GI specialists Ive seen ever even spoke to me about possible gluten allergies or the possibility of coeliac disease. After reading about your symptoms, and several others on these posts, I dug out the last GI doctors phone number and will call tomorrow to ask about gluten/Coeliac related disorder testing. Please let us know how your tests go, and best luck finding out what's wrong and lets get healthy! Regards, Mike