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  1. I did the saliva test and the cross-reactives blood test. I know a few other people who did also. My results are below. I have been gluten free for 3 months and feel a major change. I will keep y'all posted on how it goes after I cut out all the other stuff. I'm going to talk to my chiro this morning about all of it. Many people self-dx and many people have trusted Enterolabs. Sometimes help comes in different forms. My daughter's pedi GI told me that one child was pos blood but neg biopsy so she didn't need to be gluten-free. Most of what I've read says that the child should be. Her pedi didn't even do the right blood test. Med dr.'s are still learning, too.
  2. That's exactly how I feel when I am gluten free and one of the things that is keeping me from cheating. When I do "cheat" all I think about is what I'm gonna eat next. I don't have insurance to get tested formally but I like how I feel without it.
  3. So, I took Dahlia to the dr. today and long story short: HER TEST RESULTS WERE NORMAL!!! The nurse thought they were high (9 and dr. said 11 is high). Total miscommunication! Overall good visit though and now I know why I was having the problems of going to a GI and getting Mila tested. Dr. said not to go by the results though if we are having a good outcome being off gluten. I feel better. Dahlia doesn't have belly aches. Am I just searching for a cure for all my problems?
  4. Since Dahlia was 2 she has had constipation and bad gas. My husband says that both of us are always complaining of belly aches but I guess it's just normal to me. She was put on Mirilax at 2 and whenever I call the dr. about blood in her stool the nurse tells me to give her popcorn and apple juice. Her belly was hurting every night for a while so I took her to another dr. in the same practice who seems to be into promoting a healthy diet. She gave Dahlia Mirilax (at an adult dose) again and said to take her off dairy and if she kept hurting we would do an xray. The Mirilax cramped her up and gave her D which the nurse said could be from it passing around a blockage. I don't know how we came to this decision but we took her off dairy and gluten. I have attempted elimination in the past but never stuck with it. Her belly aches went away even though she still had C. Her demeanor and attitude improved and we noticed a "change" in her. We challenged it 1 week later and her belly aches came back but thought maybe it was behavioral. Took her off again, 1 week later we challenged it without telling her and her pain came back. I brought her back to the dr. and asked for the blood test. The dr. said she didn't know what test to write up but she would look it up. The nurse gave us the papers and said she didn't know if she had to fast before and to call the lab. We glutened her up for 1 week. Tested Thurs morning, Monday the nurse called and said she is "highly gluten sensitive". They referred us to a dietitian but won't to a GI specialist. I asked to test my 2y/o but we keep playing phone tag and I don't think they want to. Her stools are usually pretty loose but she eats a lot of beans. My chiro said I probably am too so for the past few weeks I have been gluten-free. I don't have insurance but could get the blood work done through LabCorp or my chiro. I havne't decided yet. When I told my mom, she said "Oh that must have been what was wrong with you at that age. I took you to the top specialists and all they could tell me was that I was a bad mom!" I feel like I need a new pedi dr. Or need to be a little more stern with mine. Also, the cafeteria manager at Dahlia's elementary school didn't even know what gluten was. Then she said the gravy was okay because it comes from a packet, they don't make it! I set her straight. Thanks for listening to my story. It feels good to share it with people who understand!