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  1. Thank you for your responses. My biggest worry was not having a clear gluten-related reaction and still feeling like we don't know for sure. We have a pretty clear reaction. Ds has had diarrhea all afternoon, barely making it to the bathroom at times. He's never had anything remotely like this...
  2. My oldest ds just went gluten-free for 10 weeks and started back on gluten yesterday. He was fine yesterday, but having diarrhea today (about 24 hours after gluten exposure). Does this sound like a gluten reaction? I was expecting a quicker reaction if gluten was the problem, but I don't really know...
  3. Have you gone through allergy testing? My ds gets diarrhea if he accidentally ingests one of the foods that he has an IgE allergy for. Diarrhea for him is most common after wheat or soy.