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Diagnosed with celiac disease in 2010; diagnosed with sleep apnea 2018 with low normal BMI; A1C: 5.4

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  1. I sometimes shop at a market called Streets, which sells Katz gluten free pies. Usually I buy cherry or blueberry, but they also have apple, though I've never tried it. These are frozen pies that need to be heated, and the blueberry and cherry ones are very very good. I will add that they are hardly...
  2. Today I was at the farmers' market and a nice vendor asked me, after I inquired about the sausage's gluten free-ness, how sensitive I am. Generally, I'm not someone who uses this terminology. Little background - I once saw Alessio Fasano - just because if I was going to have to give up cupcakes and...
  3. I think you mean meditation, and if you are talking about doing as much good as a hot tub in relation to eating gluten, I likely agree with you. If you are talking about in general - I do not.
  4. Something is definitely going on, and that's why it's good you're getting both the EGD and the colonoscopy. Your liver enzymes are normal, a good thing. Before diagnosis, my alkaline phosphatase (ALK) would sometimes come back low, which is consistent with celiac disease, I've learned. (All liver...
  5. Adding the message below today (Nov 8, 2020), after receiving Peter Attia's weekly email. Peter is a physician focusing on the applied science of longevity. His practice deals extensively with nutritional interventions, exercise physiology, sleep physiology, emotional and mental health, and pharmacology...
  6. Sure, and to clarify my sentence, "What I wonder, given your symptoms, is if there is not another component," I mean, in addition to celiac disease.
  7. The two test results you posted are for exposure to gluten in the short term. One seems to have been positive, but not the other. Nevertheless, it does kind of seem like you had improvement on a gluten-free diet. What I wonder, given your symptoms, is if there is not another component, such as SIBO...
  8. I just ate some marinara sauce and could feel the beginnings of some activity inside my mouth, so for me, it's very likely acidic foods (and the SLS in toothpaste), and not any vitamin deficiency and for sure not anemia. Good luck Rory.
  9. I am gluten free and still occasionally get aphthous ulcers, which I wrote about here: I think it might be stress, acidic foods, and/or the toothpaste I used to use.
  10. It was 10 years ago that I was initially tested. Of those tests (ttg-IgA; gliadin peptide IgG; and gliadin peptide IgA) none had a range of 0. At the time, for the tests I had, you should aim for less than 7 (I did not meet that mark). In addition, my D3 and B12 were low, so too ferritin (though...
  11. I agree. Unless your use of definite gluten-containing products is excessive, I tend not to assign much blame to cosmetic products. What makes you think you are continuing to have exposures? Have you been eating out much? How do you respond to milk products?
  12. The second of your tests, (TTG IgA) is not 100% specific: there are other causes of a positive test, including diabetes, heart failure, Crohn’s and others. (Also, people who have celiac disease can get a negative result with this test.) This test is machine-read. (Background: The enzyme TTG deamidates g...
  13. Olmesartan is not an ACE inhibitor. It's an ARB (angiotension receptor blocker).
  14. In January 2018, there was a discussion on this site of the ARB class of medications and villi blunting. Lisinopril is an ACE inhibitor, not an ARB. I haven't heard about a linkage between lisinopril and Celiac or between lisinopril and villi blunting, but that doesn't mean much! Here's something...