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  1. There are days when I think I feel better, but some days I feel just the way I did before going gluten-free. I seem to be itchy allot, which may mean I have other allergies going on, but I can't seem to attribute it to any certain food (soy, corn, etc). I am still fatigued and still have not been able to gain too much weight - was underweight before. And I'm not sure if the anemia is gone because of going gluten-free or because I was put on birth control pills to help control my heavy periods and that has helped tremendously - maybe that was why I was anemic? Who knows for sure! I have been very diligent about being gluten-free and at times it is so hard - being the only person in a house of 5 that is gluten-free is no easy task. I am forever washing my hands after touching wheat products <_< I guess I should ask to have that gene test done, that way I can be more certain.

  2. I had biopsies done last year and they came out negative, but my bloodwork was positive. I've been on a gluten free diet for 8 months now, and the only difference is that my anemia is gone. The doctor's I saw said it was up to me whether to go gluten free or not. I'm wondering whether in fact I am truly gluten intolerant. Does anyone else know anything about how accurate bloodwork is? I would hate to continue to be on this diet if I really dont need to. Any ideas?