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A resource site and blog for people with Celiac, and anyone else living gluten free. #Celiac #glutenfree

  1. Just wanted to add, if you're using a Mac you can take two types of screenshots: Shift-Cmd-3 will take a screenshot of your whole screen and save it to your desktop. Shift-cmd-4 will take a screenshot of an area that you select on your screen, and then save it to your desktop. Since image attachments...
  2. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/05/07/dominos-gluten-free-pizza-crust_n_1496408.html They've admitted that it's not safe for Celiacs, and personally I wouldn't suggest that people with wheat allergies or gluten intolerance try it either. Honestly, I feel like they are exploiting the gluten...
  3. Last night I roasted a chicken and made some mashed rutabega on the side. Yum!
  4. Going to try this tonight: http://simplyrecipes.com/recipes/pork_tenderloin/
  5. For lunch today I had two yellow squash sauteed with bacon. That was tasty! I also cooked a whole chicken for the first time a few days ago using this super easy recipe and it was outstanding: http://www.epicuriou...-Chicken-231348 Last night I made a berry crisp using two bags of frozen mixed...
  6. Tonight I am going to try creating a gluten free teriyaki sauce. All of the premade sauces have gluten in them and I have tried using gluten-free soy suace + honey + sesame oil. That combo is pretty good but it's still not quite teriyaki. I did some research and this time I'm going to try splashing...
  7. Tonight I cooked my first steak I used this marinade: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Savory-Garlic-Marinated-Steaks/Detail.aspx Turned out pretty good! I also roasted some small potatoes and carrots with o.oil and herbs in the oven @425 until they looked done. The carrots were so sweet!
  8. Last night I made stuffed acorn squash. The filling was a smokey-apple chicken sausage from TJ's, onion, carrots, garlic, butter and herbs. Baked @ 400 for 50mins.
  9. Tonight I made a basic meatsauce to go on top of TJ's rice pasta. Tasty & easy! Basically I put a whole onion in the food processor and sauteed it with 1lb of TJ's ground beef until it browned, added a can of tomato sauce and a small can of tomato paste, a cup of water, tsp sugar, tsp salt, and...
  10. That sounds delish! I've never heard of Irish Davy Boy's though. I'll have to keep my eyes open for it! My crockpot chicken turned out pretty well - but turned into more of a soup there was so much liquid! And I barely added any in the beginning, maybe 1/4thcup of oj and 1 orange squeezed...
  11. Hmm I'll have to try those soup suggestions. Thanks guys Tonight I am using my crockpot again, I love that thing! I'm cooking a whole chicken in there (though I bought it already in pieces). I'm following this recipe http://allrecipes.com//Recipe/baked-slow-cooker-chicken/Detail.aspx but I...
  12. I have a question. I have some leftover pot roast, a box of opened beef stock I don't think I'll use within a week, and some leftover tinkyada noodles. Can I made a soup out of this stuff? Or should I freeze it?
  13. My adventures in meat continue with a pot roast recipe that looks easy enough that I can do it: http://simplyrecipes.com/recipes/pot_roast/ I'm making it in a crockpot - I didn't have any red wine so instead I used 1/4c beef stock 1/4c sherry and I added 1 tsp cinnamon as one commenter suggested...
  14. Well the Tinkyada pasta was a hit! It tasted really good and my bf said it tasted just like regular pasta. Yay! Gluten-Free chicken meatballs from TJ's was good also. I improv'd a dessert as well - chopped up two green apples, put them in 2 ramekins, topped with cinnamon, b.sugar, and a pad of butter...
  15. Yup, I've been a fan of his for a while now - my boyfriend introduced me to his original blog a few years ago.