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    Scared & Confused

    I would suggest getting checked out for Ulcerative Colitis. Bleeding in stools is a common symptom of UC, and UC can be mistaken for Celiacs. Good luck!
  2. Free_CountryGirl

    Poll- How Tall Are You?

    I'm 5'3" 17 years old, diagnosed this year. I think celiacs did stump my gowth, as I was expected to be around 5'6" and I grew like a weed when I was younger.
  3. does soy lecithin and soybean oil bother you? I was pretty sure I had read somewhere that soybean oil and lecithin are NOT suppose to bother people with soy allergy, but I am sure both bothers me. Maybe I am wrong, and that soybean oil is also bad? Thanks!
  4. Free_CountryGirl

    For Those Of You With Soy Allergy...

    huh, interesting. You know I think the thing I'v learned the most is: nothing is absolute. What works for one person doesn't always work with the next.
  5. Does anyone have any suggestions for packaged gluten and soy free foods? Besides Larabars? It's not that I don't like those, but I'm trying to lose weight and the calories and sugar just arent good for my waistline Any recipe/cooking advice would be GREATLY appreciated. I'm getting very tired of my usual yogurt, turkey, chicken, apples, strawberries, carrots and a few other veggies. I sort of had a major meltdown yesterday when I went to Uno's Chicago Grill, who I know is good about gluten free/food accomadations, and after reading through the ingredients of every possible menu item, I could only have one thing...and only one of the sides (who knew they put soy on french fries? and broccoli???!) I hate to admit it, but the thought of such limited food opptions and difficulties for the rest of my life (i'm only eating/socializing can be a nightmare)was hard to swallow. Admittedly, I went home and, like a baby, had a good cry and moped around for a good hour or so. *sigh* I just get very frustrated with having to life inside such a "box" per say. I know it's only food, but it isn't the lack of food that bothers me so very much, although it does suck, but the unfair limitations I have when it comes to socializing and such. Anyways, thanks for listening to my vent and crying confession. Thank you SO much in advance for any food help!
  6. Free_CountryGirl

    Gluten And Soy Free Food? Help!

    Wow, you know I hadn't even thought of tuna having soy in it! Thankfully I havent had tuna in a few weeks
  7. Free_CountryGirl

    I Know This Is Completely Off Topic Sry

    I haven't heard of paper ever making someone sick. I agree with Dixiebell, check thoroughly to make sure he is in no way getting cross contamination. Does he wash his hands before he eats at school? Does he eat food that has directly touched a glutened counter? Things like that. Also, have you tested for other food intolerances? I have celiacs and a soy allergy, and my soy symptoms are very very similar to a glutening, just not as severe typically. Try cutting out soy for a few weeks and see how he does.
  8. Free_CountryGirl

    Gluten And Soy Free Food? Help!

    Oh my goodness THANK YOU everyone!! really, it was all so helpful, and made me feel like my future in food is a lot less bleak The food ideas sounded yummy, I'm excited to try them! I really needed a change.
  9. Free_CountryGirl

    I Hate Food..

    I hate to say this, but it sounds very much as though you are on the fast track to anorexia. Celiac disease actually inadvertantly caused me to become anorexic and then bulimic for about 2 years, before I discovered I even had celiacs. The fear to eat, even though it's not because you are afraid of gaining weight, enjoying unhealthy weightloss, extreme fear and anxiety, angry about your "lack of control" describes an eating disorder to the T. Please, you must get help right away, but I will tell you from experience now, in the end it's only you who can save yourself before things go too far, and it is only you who you need to fight. Stop this track now before it gets too out of control, because while things may not seem too bad at the moment, I can promise you life with an eating disorder is sheer hell. I don't know how you feel about God, but I strongly suggest looking towards religion for guidance and strength. Coming from someone, me, who has "been there done that" it was in the end God who brought me out of my deep depression and prevented me from eventually committing suicide. Message me if you ever need advice or help or someone to talk to Please reach out for help asap. I know it may seem like I'm over-reacting, but I know how eating disorders and other paranoias creep up so quickly, stealing away someones life.
  10. Free_CountryGirl

    Meats, Tuna, Chicken And Turkey

    i'm a tad confused, is the food listed, without note, gluten free or contains gluten? Thanks!
  11. Free_CountryGirl

    Sudden "d", Advice Needed

    Usually when i get glutened I have constipation, never the big "D". Well I have been learning to go gluten free, and while it hasn't been long, I have been feeling a bit better! I'm having BM every day now, buuut...they aren't quite...right. It's very almost like D (sorry for the TMI!) every afternoon I'll have a snack, and then after a bit a get sharp stomach pains and some bloating (none of the other gluten symptoms) and then the D-like BM about 5 min later. I'm sorry if it is TMI, but for anyone who finds it helpful to know....the BM's are definitely a lighter color than normal, and while they have shape it looks very...peicy? I don't quite know how to describe it, except for I think food isn't being digested properly because it looks as though there is some food partially digested in it....gross I know :/ Anyways, my question is, for anyone who has a soy allergy, did something like this happen to you? I ruled out fructose malabsorption because I eat an apple a day and haven't had this problem before, only just this past week, although I suppose it's still possible it could be FM. If it doesn't sound like a soy problem, could it be that my body isn't processing gluten-free products properly? I don't eat a lot of them right now because I know you arent suppose to in the begining, but I do eat Chex cereal (gluten free). I don't think it could be lactose intolerance because while I often have yogurt for a snack, I didn't today, and I still got the "D" like BM. All personal experiences or opinions/advice is welcome! Thanks so so much for reading this icky personal post
  12. Free_CountryGirl

    Sudden "d", Advice Needed

    Thank you everyone. I'm going to make an appointment for the Dr.'s, even though my docotor is crap and never believed me when I thought I had celiacs. Maybe now she'll listen! LOL. Anyways I'm going to make an appt. to get tested for dairy and soy allergies, it's just easier this way since I tend to eat the 2 in conjunction.
  13. I'm responsible for my health, no one else's opinion matters. It's not their body.

  14. Free_CountryGirl

    Sudden "d", Advice Needed

    Thank you guys! Esp. Txplowgirl, your post makes me feel a little less crazy Yes i am going to do a kind of elimination diet, where basically I'm going to just eat fruits, veggies, and meat for about 3 weeks, allowing time for my body to get things cleared up at least a bit, then I'll slowly introduce dairy, starting at low amounts to higher dairy foods. I think if I don't have any symptoms/reactions to dairy, and my problems have cleared up on a whole foods diet, I won't test soy. It seems pretty clear to me that if my issues go away and dairy turns out to not be a problem, then it was soy causing my reactions. Those protein bars that i mentioned that have a lot of soy, well i havent eaten those in a good 2 or 3 weeks, and today was the first time iv had one in a while, and bam I feel awful. I think i'll permanently stay away from chex as well. Thanks everyone!!
  15. Free_CountryGirl

    Sudden "d", Advice Needed

    Well it depends, but for example today I had a protein bar (looots of soy) 2 squares of chocolate, and some gluten-free cereal that has soy. And i have been eating chocolate almost every day lately, not really sure why, terrible cravings. And when I had the cereal last night I also had a similar reaction that I had today. Normally i have yogurt and whatever else for a snack. Not sure if the yogurt has soy, but I don't think so.....
  16. Free_CountryGirl

    Sudden "d", Advice Needed

    As a side note, I'v been eating choclate quite a bit in the past week, which I usually don't have, and I'v heard chocolate contains soy? anyways just thought I would add that info. My sysmptoms for whatever it is that I seem to be allergic to are heart palpitations(not nearly as bad as when i eat gluten though, thank god), stomach cramps, blotaing, malabsorption BM's, and overall weak, gross feeling.
  17. Hi everyone, I am just so down and depressed right now. I keep getting glutened, it's gotten to the point of ridiculous in my opinion. I have been trying since 11/21/10 to stay gluten-free, but it seems almost every week at LEAST i get glutened, whether it be my own stupid fault or I'm traveling and my food is cross contaminated from stupid resturaunts who think they know how to do Gluten Free. I am so sick and miserable! Gluten makes me gain weight like a polar bear, and I am overweight already from not knowing for years that i had celiacs. I am just do distraught, and so depressed by thw weight gain. I would feel better if I was gluten free and working towards being healthier, but constanttly getting glutened, and living in a gluten household is just so depressing. I have to watch everyone eat things I can't, and normally I can deal with that. But when i get accidently gluten, i go literally crazy for food, particularily gluteny chocolate-y foods. So my willpower weakens and I get glutened some more because I am really just an idiot (who glutens themselves?!) *sigh* Sorry for my vent, I am just so unhappy and frustrated at the moment :/ anyways, my question is, for anyone who has dealt with food cravings when glutened, what do you do? Any comforting words and advice is GREATLY appreciated!
  18. Free_CountryGirl

    Just So Down, Suggestions Or Advice?

    Thank you everyone, and thanks so much for the advice Sweetea888! And Lisa, do you love arabs as well?
  19. Hi everyone, my story in a nutshell is,in the past few years, particularly past 2 years, I have been getting sicker, having problems such as extreme weight gain even though I can hardly eat, feeling all over crappy 24/7, always very very tired, bloating, gas, constipation to the max, intense cravings, mild depression ONLY after I eat carb-loaded/gluten foods, and joint pain. After my doctor tested me for different thyings over and over again, she threw up her hands in despair. When I proposed that I may have a gluten intolerance/celiac, she promptly blew off the idea and I was never tested. So i went gluten-free myself exactly a month ago, and while I have had plenty of accident glutenings in the past month, I have been feeling considerabling better. No more depression, joint pain, crazy fatigue, no more weight gain. But, I have noticed a problem where I seem to get nauseous, bloated, and just... a slow, bleh feeling when I eat foods that contain a quality amount of sugar. For example, I had a peice of gluten free chocolate bark that i made, and I didnt have a huge amount, just a couple squares. Well within the hour I felt rather queasy, hot, tired, just not good. Then later I taste tested some peanut brittle (gluten free) and I had bloating, gas and stomach pains, hot, and just didn't feel well. I have had this problem before, when i ate honey on gluten-free bread. I did some research and came up with Fructose Malabsorption. Can anyone please explain this in laymans terms to me, and what should I do? Do I have celiacs, or FM? or both?! and what foods can I not eat/ can eat with FM??? Please help! Thank you so much in advance
  20. Free_CountryGirl

    Fructose Malabsorption?!?

    Emilushka, here is an explanation i found that answers your question about malabsorption: "Basically Fructose Malabsorption is a condition where fructose, a simple sugar molecule, is not absorbed properly in the small intestine. It moves through to the large intestine where bacteria munch away on it. When the bacteria digest fructose it produces the symptoms of malabsorption. The degree of malabsorption can vary from individual to individual. Some people are very sensitive." there you have it It is absorbed, just not properly, causing negative side effects
  21. Free_CountryGirl

    Fructose Malabsorption?!?

    Thank you Salexander! That helps. I don't really eat processed food very much, or sugary treats, but you know how it is around the hilodays. So I have been eating more sugary foods than usual. Hmm... or maybe I'm just getting sick? goodness who knows, it's so confusing!
  22. Free_CountryGirl

    Fructose Malabsorption?!?

    Thank you Well the peanut brittle was made from regular sugar and High Fructose Corn syrup so that may have been why it caused a problem, if I have FM. It is just so difficult and confusing...I did some research on what someone with FM can or cannot eat, and the list for cannot is....terrifying. I think I might try going...what would you call it? Fructose-free?? Lol, you know what i mean. I know I am definitely cannot have gluten, so I guess I will see how I feel w.o certain high-fructose foods. I eat apples quite often though, and I don't think i have problem with them...although they are suppose to be problematic. Do you think it is possible for FM to be like Celiac, as in when you dont eat gluten for a while and then you eat it again your reaction is more severe, could FM be the same? If so it would make it easy to know if i have it... anyways thank you
  23. Everything everyone has suggested is great advice, I also just wanted to add (as if you don't already know, I'm sure you do) to make sure you haven't been getting cross contaminated or accidentally been eating trace amounts of gluten. Wash hands thoroughly before eating, rinse off utensils and plates before eating, check all labels and if you arent 100% sure dont eat eat it, etc. I just had to mention it just in case, even though you are probably well aware.
  24. Free_CountryGirl

    Sick Of Being So Different

    I understand how youn feel-I had a bit of breakdown yesterday since I'm the family baker and I can't eat any of that stuff and I just had to watch it and think of how good it looks. Gluten free mixes can be expensive. Everyone else has given you great advice, so I just thought I would offer the comfort or sympathy I was crying my eyes out, but I'm beginning to accept having Celiacs now. Some times a good cry just helps!
  25. Free_CountryGirl

    "image More, Eat Less"

    Huh, that is very interesting...thank you for sharing! This is actually incredibly helpful at this very moment, because I am new to gluten-free and struggling with not eating the delish christmas cookies that I have to bake since I'm the baker at my house.