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  1. FooGirlsMom

    Me + Non Gluten Free Family= How?

    Ditto what Skylark said. I've been gluten free now for over a year and while it's a challenge to have 3 of us that are...
  2. FooGirlsMom

    Why Is It....?

    Sounds like as RoseTapper said, you need to grab an article from Dr. Fasano and show your family...you have Celiac. ...
  3. FooGirlsMom

    My Mum Wants To Sue?

    I'm just SUPER careful when I eat out. I ask a lot of questions in my nicest voice, smile a lot, thank people for being...
  4. At first oats bothered me, even Bob's Red Mill. About 6 months into being gluten-free, I was able to add them back on...
  5. FooGirlsMom

    Having A Celiac Break Down

    Hi Val, I'm feeding myself and 2 kids gluten free and they eat like Kings, seriously. There are so many gluten-free...
  6. FooGirlsMom

    My Stages Of Healing: 5.5 Months Gluten Free

    Hi there, I've had ups and downs but overall my health is going up...and as far as I know, I have not be "glutened...
  7. FooGirlsMom

    Disaster Plreparedness

    Hi there, We're done some disaster preparedness also. We started it about 5 years ago and of course we bought...get...
  8. FooGirlsMom

    Friend Doesn't Get It

    I feel for you. Most of us moms here can remember (it doesn't feel like that long ago) what it was like to put up with...
  9. FooGirlsMom

    Sick Of Being "sick"

    Hi, It sounds like you are having an auto-immune response. I think the biggest factor in your entire story was the...
  10. I second the others who are encouraging you to try to gain more information through testing & seeing the doctor....
  11. FooGirlsMom


    Semi- seriously: next time the friend says, " I would love to have you to my palatial country home". cut her off before...
  12. FooGirlsMom

    Manager Bringing Gluten Free Cake

    Hi, You got some great answers. I just wanted to suggest that if food sharing is a major thing at work, you can still...
  13. Hi I do know what you mean. The labeling is tricky and not allowing people the most accurate information so that...
  14. FooGirlsMom

    Gluten Making Me Uproot Myself

    Sorry it took me so long to reply. I've been off the board here for about 2 months. Busy! Unfortunately, I have...
  15. FooGirlsMom

    Gluten Making Me Uproot Myself

    Hi there, I feel for you. As I was reading I couldn't help thinking of those people in the US, back in 19th &amp...