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  1. Thank you for the information and advice. My platelet count is apparently fine which is really weird but I tested positive for ANA...I have to go see a rheumatologist in two weeks to figure out what's going on and if they are related...Thanks again!
  2. Thank you everyone who responded. It definitely helps a little to know that some of you got a positive test and it didn't mean anything. I go to the rheumatologist is two weeks. Not looking forward to all of the tests and dr appointments, I just went through the Celiac diagnosis last fall, so not even a year and it was a huge pain. Still wondering if the petechiae is related but the weirdest part is my platelet count came back just fine...? Anyway, thanks again and good luck to all of you!
  3. I just got a call from the dermatologist who did blood work because I keep breaking out in Petechiae. Apparently I am testing positive for antinuclear antibodies (ANA). Has anyone else gone through this? What can I expect to happen next???
  4. Hi everyone! I was diagnosed with celiac disease last October and have been doing pretty well although I have had some issues adhering to a strict gluten-free diet 100% of the time. At the end of April I broke out is a rash of petechiae which went away but has come back about 5-6 times since. It shows up only on my legs and a little on the top of my feet. This last break out which started a few days ago is worse. I have larger/more concentrated areas of spots and more all over my legs than the past few times. I went to the dermatologist today but are waiting on blood work results... I was just wondering if anyone else with celiac disease has experienced this and if it could be related? Thanks, Amanda
  5. Well thank you all for your advice. It really helps being able to talk on this forum and know that at least there are others who know where I am coming from....Thanks!
  6. My question is how do you get someone to realize how important it is for a celiac to be completely gluten free and take no chances?! I went to my boyfriend's parent's house for Thanksgiving - just the four of us - under the condition that we cook completely gluten free. Last year she made this really yummy and easy mashed potato casserole with instant mashed potatoes. Since I liked it so much I requested it this year, but of course it needed to be gluten-free. I knew this could be done since Betty Crocker makes a very obviously labeled gluten-free of the boxed potatoes. So we are halfway through dinner and we are all commenting on how wonderful everything tastes when his mother says she didnt check the potato box and almost jokes about it with a small grin on her face. Oh and guess what - I got sick! Maybe she just hates me but I have never had an issue with her in the past....so how do I prevent this issue in the future with her and everyone else?!
  7. AJoy

    Five Guys

    All I have to say is ..... YAY! I am going there tomorrow!
  8. I am new at this and have been seeing a lot about hair loss lately. Since I can remember I have been a profuse shedder - especially in the shower. I don't have bald spots or anything of the sort and unfortunately haven't ever noticed any thinning either. I always thought this to be somewhat normal for a girl with ultra thick long hair - is this in fact what people mean by hair loss in relation to celiac disease? I also had my thyroid checked when I was originally tested for Celiac about a month ago and it came back normal.
  9. I was diagnosed in October and my first week was great also but week two and three I went through a tough period of withdraw. I was okay for a week or so and then last week I had extremely bad fatigue - all I wanted to do was sleep all the time, experienced dizziness, and felt delirious. This week I feel MUCH better but still not 100%. My doctor put me on D and Iron supplements so I guess that is helping. Have you had you levels checked?
  10. Awesome, thank you! I wasn't able to get an appointment until February but I guess it will be worth the wait.
  11. Does anyone know anything good or bad regarding the University of Maryland Celiac Clinic? I was diagnosed over a month ago and am still having issues and my doctor was going to send me to a GI but I was thinking about checking out this clinic instead. Any advised is greatly appreciated!
  12. When the office tells you to take "Vitron C for Iron, Vitamin D 20,000 & Vitamin D One-A-Day." After confirming that I will be taking 20,000 for Vit D and will be on three different supplements and am told yes I proceed to going to three specialty vitamin stores and become very confused when I can't find anything above 5,000 IUs and One-A-Day doesn't make a Vitamin D concentrated supplement. After calling the office and speaking with a second person they confirm I should only be on two supplements, tell me the Vit D should be 2,000, and I should only be taking Iron three times a week - WOW that could have turned out bad, you would think they were trying to kill me!
  13. Dr. Daphna Henkin in Olney, MD just recently diagnosed me. I wouldn't say I am 100% happy and there office gave me a very badly skewed message on which supplements I should be taking - but in general, she is very good. I might be going to see a GI soon and if you I will let you know who and how is goes....best of luck!
  14. I was diagnosed with celiac through a blood test in October and have been gluten free for over a month now. At first I went through withdrawal which was tough but then I started feeling better. I must have taken a turn for the worst because the past two weeks I have been SO low on energy it's hard to function. I work full time plus run a part-time business. I am overwhelmed and getting more depressed by the day. I had blood work done last week which showed an Iron and vit D deficiency so I just started supplements and am hoping they will help. I think I have enough carbs in my diet because I am not constantly hungry like I was in the beginning. I just turned 24 and I feel like i'm in my ninety's and senial - I am so tired I can't think straight. I don't want to move out of bed, and when I do it's literally painful and it takes hours to feel even remotely awake and a few hours later I am back to being completely exhausted. I feel like it is abnormal for me to feel worse after weeks of being on the diet - has anyone else experienced this? Aside from the vitamin supplements is there any advice on how to gain some energy in the near future?