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  1. pshifrin

    Atlantic City

    Was in AC again last week for the same conference and would like to update this post: Went back to Cafe 2825 and had the same type of awesome experience as last time. FYI all restaurants in the Borgata now have official gluten-free menus. Some may be more limited than others but at least they are there. Had a great meal at Dock's Oyster House (since 1897) many natural gluten-free items like steak and seafood. China Sea of Absecon (right outside of AC). Family run Chinese with large gluten-free menu. As good as lilli and loo in NYC but 1/2 the price. I've gone from worrying about a week in AC two years ago to really enjoying it this year. As gluten-free becomes more main stream, easy to get by in this tourist heavy location.
  2. Had to run up to Danbury CT this morning for work and used the findmeglutenfree app to find a lunch place. It came up with this place: http://mamascheesebread.com/home.html This is a small unassuming but amazing take out sandwich shop which uses Brazilian Chebe-like bread. The entire place is gluten-free. The owner / chef is very nice and welcoming and gave me a free sample. Everything tasted great! Lunch for a coworker and myself was only $16. This type of bread is actually chewy and spongy like "real" bread. One word of caution though, it's very filling and I'm still not hungry for dinner 8 hours later.
  3. pshifrin

    Gluten Free Only Restaurant Yay!

    I've driven 2:15 each way to get to abused by Howie so take that!
  4. Was just in Tarrytown getting a haircut and next door http://www.mrnicksbrickovenpizza.com/ has a sign in the window "gluten-free Pizza". I went in to ask about it and as soon as I said gluten-free Mr Nick says "Oh don't worry, I will make you any pizza you want with gluten-free toppings, I'm very careful, cook it in a separate tin (crust appears to be French Meadow in it's own tin), we will be very careful etc, etc." Don't you love when they go out of their way to reassure you? End result was a delicious Hawaiian Pizza!
  5. Did you go down the street to by the way bakery for dessert? It's a 100% gluten-free / DF bakery.
  6. There is a completely gluten-free restaurant in Latham, NY (near Albany International Airport). Here is their menu. http://www.menufeed.com/index.php?id=sherryly Sherry Lynn's is a gluten-free haven where you can walk in and order anything without a gluten care in the world. They are also excellent handling dairy free. They bake their own breads and rolls. For example, their rolls have dairy but their bread does not so there are always options. I am fortunate to be able to eat their 2x a week during the summer because work takes me to upstate ny.
  7. pshifrin

    New Tapas Place

    A new Tapas place just opened in White Plains, NY. They have Arepas which are corn grit patties filled with all kinds of meats, veggies, etc. It's really good and a substantial portion of their menu is gluten-free. http://www.milongaarepas.com/menu/ Ate there tonight and it was awesome!
  8. pshifrin

    What To Do While Traveling?

    Damn it! I alway pack a supply of gluten-free putterfish and Chinese mitten crabs when I take a long car ride. What am I going to do now?
  9. pshifrin

    What To Do While Traveling?

    WendyBird, Let me tell you where you'll be having lunch on the way up (and probably on the way down too!) As someone who travels about half that trip almost weekly during the summer, I am very familiar with your gluten-free options towards the north. Sherry Lynn's Gluten Free Bakery and Cafe is located just off exit 6 of the Adirondack Northway (I 87) that's a few minutes north of Albany. It may well be the only 100% gluten-free restaurant in the USA. It is a very laid back, kid friendly place. It has a full bakery: breads, rolls, cookies, DONUTS!, etc. It is a cafe: sandwiches, salads, soups, entrees. It also has a small grocery section with a great selection. Trust me, if you are passing by you MUST stop there. It is my favorite place on the drive. http://www.sherrylynnsglutenfree.net/
  10. pshifrin


    We stayed at the westin villas time share place. Family owns. I personally don't see the value in ownership everything there is just so expensive. My family went back this year (without us) and said they noticed even more gluten-free options. One place is called star noodle. Bring me back some pineapple! You'll have an amazing time and don't sweat the gluten-free in Maui. A very easy location to get buy.
  11. Went to an interesting place in NYC today. One of our party keeps Kosher and I'm gluten-free of course so we had to find a combo. Buddha Bodai is a 100% vegetarian and mostly vegan Chinese Restaurant right in the heart of Chinatown. They make their own fake meats using Wheat Gluten as a substitute for "pork" but tofu and mushrooms for "chicken". Surprisingly for a restaurant that lists menu many items literally WITH gluten, they have an great gluten-free menu. A few soups, apps and about 20 entrees. I had the gluten-free chicken corn soup, cedar fried rice (very unusual but good flavor) and some rice/bean noodle thing with satay sauce and "chicken". To see the gluten-free menu (slightly different than what I handed in person) click on the online ordering system. The menu link doesn't have their gluten-free menu. Note that this place is not your typical Americanized Chinese restaurant. Expect to try some unusual dishes. http://www.chinatownvegetarian.com/
  12. pshifrin

    Pf Changs

    Not discounting accidental glutening (I've had a few questionable experiences at pf changs too) but it could also have been food poisoning based on the symptoms.
  13. pshifrin

    Costco Hot Dogs

    Sabrett hot dogs are Certified gluten-free. Shamless plug: it's partially my doing. My father-in-law is the president of Sabrett and I started bugging him to get the product certified since they were gluten-free already.
  14. G'Day Amber, Thanks for visiting our city for your holiday! You've come to the right place for gluten-free food, not to worry! Manhattan is a very compact place. If you are staying at a midtown hotel, you can get anywhere quickly, easily and safely by subway. Some places will be walking distance as well. Taxi's are always an option too and comparatively inexpensive compared to most big city taxi services. There is a very nice list of gluten-free restaurants with reviews here: http://aglutenfreeguide.com/restaurants Some of my personal favorites include: Bistango (Italian) where both gluten-free and non gluten-free family members can enjoy a great dinner. Friedman's Lunch (open at dinner too) Lilli and Loo (Chinese) Mozzerelli's (Amazing Pizza by the slice, which is very rare) S'Mac (Mac and Cheese) Risoterria As far as Grocery Items, Whole Foods is certainly a good option although most stores have plenty of gluten-free options these days. I visited Australia for a short time in 2005 but that was pre-gluten-free
  15. pshifrin

    Mcguire's Irish Pub

    I would be extremely careful in a place like that. That being said if you speak with a manager or chef that isn't an idiot, you can probably get away with a plain steak. Also, Corned Beef, Boiled Potatoes and Cabbage are all gluten-free and a great meal. It was my only real option at a real Irish place in the Bronx, NY we went to.