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  1. Have to admit I've been a little resentful about having to expend so much effort to feel normal, but it's getting easier and I'm feeling so much better. I like to be a little "unconscious" at times, and this is forcing me to pay attention and make changes...not at all a bad thing.

    I've learned so much here; can't imagine how I would have coped without all the great information from the true experts.

  2. celiac3270 -

    I've heard of Dr. Green and am going to try to get an appointment. Also Dr. Suzi Lee at Columbia-Pres. I feel I need to rule out celiac disease or embrace it completely! But thanks for making the point that either condition requires the same response - looks like I'm going to be embracing the gluten-free diet no matter what.

    You are clearly a remarkable young man; the service you provide with your expert advice is extremely important and much appreciated.

  3. This is completely fascinating because I am in the process of trying to get a medical diagnosis...I know I feel better on a near-gluten-free diet, and I'll continue to eat this way regardless of whether I have an official diagnosis. However, if I have celiac disease, I know that 100% dietary compliance is critical because of all the damage to the small intestine and resulting malabsorption of nutrients and what that can lead to...not to mention the increased risk of cancer. So far, I have never had any vitamin or mineral deficiencies and have never been anemic.

    So...if I have the diagnosis, I will get totally serious about following the gluten-free diet. If I don't have celiac disease, I will probably do less than my utmost because I won't be worried about damage...just some possible discomfort.

    Here is my major question: are there gluten-related conditions other than celiac disease? or if you have 'problems with gluten' are you definitely suffering from celiac disease?

    This forum is a real gift; there are so few sources of practical or reliable information to turn to.

    Thanks to everyone for sharing their experience!!

  4. Thanks so much to both of you for the encouragement and good information.

    One more question: is it accurate to say that if you are gluten sensitive or intolerant, you have celiac disease? or are there gluten-related conditions other than celiac disease?

    I am hoping to be able to figure out what exactly is wrong with me so that I can do the right thing to treat it...I guess I will have to find a specialist. My doctor has admitted that he doesn't see much celiac disease...I'm lucky he even thought of it as a possibility, but with a negative test, he's satisfied I don't have it. I know that the change in diet made an immediate difference, so I'm not ready to go back to my former diet, and I'm not ready to give up on a definitive diagnosis!

    I'm in the NYC area -- I see you are too, celiac3270. Any recommendations for good celiac disease medical professionals?

  5. That's an amazing menu...no deprivation whatsoever! You are so lucky to have such a supportive daughter!

    I am just starting on this journey and feel optimistic about the future. There's a lot to learn, but it will be so worth the effort.

    All best birthday wishes from a fellow-Pisces (3/1)


    negative blood test 2/25/05

    close-to-gluten-free since 2/26/05

  6. So happy to find this thread...for me, it's actually been a big relief to learn the effect gluten has on me, even if the bloodwork came back negative. Why not avoid the substance that makes me sick?! It's a virtual cure. Like alcoholism, you're safe if you avoid the substance.

    Feeling nearly normal for the first time in years is giving me the impetus to continue with this regardless of what the test result was. At least the doctor thought of celiac disease and prompted me to do the research. My body has provided a reliable-enough diagnosis, for the time-being anyway.

    Looking forward to a healthier, more useful life and sharing with my new community.


    negative blood test 2/25/05

    close-to-gluten-free since 2/26/05

  7. I was so sure that celiac was the right diagnosis that I started a close-to-gluten-free diet while waiting for the blood test results...which were negative. Still, the improvement in my many symptoms was dramatic. In less than 1 week.

    1. Is there any compelling reason to have an absolute medical diagnosis?

    2. Is it critical to be 100% gluten-free compliant to prevent the small intestine damage that leads to cancer?

    3. Is it best to see a nutritionist, GI doctor, allergist...?

    4. Is it really bad to have celiac disease on your medical record for future coverage? Would it be better to be undiagnosed for insurance reasons?

    5. Are there any particular vitamins, minerals, herbs that help?

    6. Would there be any harm in taking IBS remedies (lactobacillus)? Digestive Advantage IBS was very helpful for the digestive tract symptoms even before starting the gluten-free diet.

    Any response to any part would be greatly appreciated! I've learned quite a lot from reading posts already.


    negative blood test 2/25/05

    close-to-gluten-free since 2/26/05