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    Languages, Japan, Anime, Netflix, Movies, Learning alternative Medicine and Therapy like Acupuncture, Generally learning something new, World Politics, Conspiricy Theories, Dreaming, Singing, Spending time with people I like.

    Relaxing in the sun, swimming in warm water and massages ^_^
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    Prince Edward Island

About Me

I used to love to day dream, still do, I think that will come back when I manage to get all of this under control.

I'm getting into reading, strictly fantasy, I hate the real world, Love the imaginary world =)

hmm what else, video games and movies have always been the escape for me, like drugs to someone in pain they help me forget (but are just as addictive >_> lol)

before all my stomach woes became what they are I used to want to travel, and experience thing's

I still certainly do, but It will be a while before I know how to do that safely lol

and despite everything I've gone through and my own monumental growing inner darkness, I still can't be mean to people, I always figured if my life was shit I could just shit all over theirs but it's very much the opposite.

I wish we lived in a world without all these silly issues, I mean I know we need some thing's like the flu and common cold, the odd rash, breaks and cuts, so we know what it means to be healthy, but it would be so grand to live without thing's like celiac disease.

  1. Sounds like you don't give up easy! glad you are making progress :D
  2. Oh it's absolutely infuriating sometimes, It's friggin hard dealing with all this at 23, all my friends are out living it up and I'm trapped by this friggin auto immune BS >:(    I think the hardest part is having no enemy to fight, normally when you are sick, you know what it is,...
  3. well, I use Kirkland Signature Ibuprofen and it seems alright, I didn't call to make sure it was gluten free, but I had no reactions and I'm pretty sensitive to gluten. haven't had much luck with lipbalms though.
  4. lol that's funny, mac and cheese was one of my all time favorite foods, I was eating so much of it shortly before thing's went really south, I didn't get the obvious stomach troubles until after I tried something for the depression, my parents refuse to give up gluten, but they do a pretty good job...
  5. Interesting, I wonder if that is what is keeping my scalp kinda irritated, thanks for the info =D
  6. Is salt something I should worry about being contaminated? Like before we buy it even.
  7. Them thur nanners give me the angry stomach turned volcano >_> So, Clearly Nanners are Evil.
  8. I think the exact same thing =/ and that makes me wish I had left all those damn sugary products alone >..< lol
  9. lol that's so weird that's exactly what happens to me, cept I haven't really braved the eggs cooked in anything o.o
  10. Hi New,

    Well, When I first went gluten-free, I was feeling somewhat better but not quite. So reading on here that you can have other intolerences I started an elimination diet. Found I had problems with dairy and soy as well as a few others. I'm doing good. I feel better now than I have ever felt. I can remember feeling like a 70 year old when I was 17. My quality of life is amazing. Take it sl...

  11. Fructose Malabsorbtion Soy Intolerance Celiac Disease oh and don't forget lactose intolerance that's all I believe I have atm -.- fml.
  12. slowly learning what to avoid, looks like I live in a more literal world of intolerance xD