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  1. Newtoitall

    Quick Question On Ingredients

    lol yeah I'm familiar with what prunes do that's why I am taking them, the sorbitol could be an issue yeah but I was...
  2. I am looking at this bag of prunes as I was interested in trying 1 or 2 and seeing how that goes, but the ingredients...
  3. Newtoitall

    Has This Ever Happened To You From Salt?

    I am pretty sensitive to corn yeah, I have just recently switched over to celtic sea salt and while it does leave me...
  4. I get some swelling in my right knee and left elbow, it amuses me that it's opposite sides like that, but it is actually...
  5. Newtoitall

    Metamucil Issues

    I've never heard of Yerba, I might have to give that a try if the metamucil continues to let me down. Ain't nobody got...
  6. Newtoitall

    Metamucil Issues

    Sadly I fear you may be right =/
  7. Newtoitall

    Here I Am, Send The Other Guy

    Sounds like you don't give up easy! glad you are making progress :D
  8. I got in to see a new gastro, and the visit really didn't amount to much, but at least he seemed somewhat interested...
  9. Newtoitall

    Celiac Rage

    Oh it's absolutely infuriating sometimes, It's friggin hard dealing with all this at 23, all my friends are out living...
  10. so if giving gluten, do so at 5-6 months, got it.
  11. ..alrighty.. I guess I'll go look for that then.
  12. Ok so recently I started taking Udo's brand Probiotics designed to balance yeast in the gut and do all the good stuff...
  13. I wouldn't fret about going gluten free, before holiday's it is a bit of a hassle just because there are so many holiday...
  14. Newtoitall

    Pain Killers In Canada

    well, I use Kirkland Signature Ibuprofen and it seems alright, I didn't call to make sure it was gluten free, but I had...
  15. Newtoitall

    Being The Only One: The Lonely Life Of A Celiac

    lol that's funny, mac and cheese was one of my all time favorite foods, I was eating so much of it shortly before thing...