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  1. My son is autistic. We transitioned VERY slowly to gluten free which made it easier for us but I suspect that's why we didn't see any significant behavior changes. But every time we try to add it back, we see huge changes in behavior. Meltdowns (which is actually not common for him), "spacy", hyper, and emotional. We even did a test once where we didn't tell his teacher. She wrote me a long e-mail telling me she had never seen him like this and asking what was going on. Having that independent confirmation told me that gluten really does affect him. We'd actually like to be able to
  2. Slightly OT, but when I make beans from scratch I've discovered it's way easier to bake them in the oven. I cover them with several inches of water and put in a cast iron dutch oven, then bake at 325 for an hour and 45 or so. No need to presoak, comes out perfect every time. I always make extra and keep them in the freezer for recipes. So if you find out that you can tolerate them, super easy to make extra and keep around.
  3. Another option for sweetener might be Stevia. There are a couple of blogs with gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free recipes. I know of the Spunky Coconut and Elana's Pantry, but I'm sure there are others.
  4. OK I've got to defend Domino's (at least a little). My son is not celiac, he is on a gluten-free diet for his autism. We have discovered that he can handle limited amounts of gluten, so we don't worry excessively about CC. We see behavior changes when he gets a lot of it (i.e. several meals or days in a row) but can do the occasional birthday cake or grilled cheese sandwich with no problem. So in theory, this would be a way that he could have pizza from a restaurant and still "keep his gluten down." I definitely understand what you all are saying, particularly the concerns of people w
  5. Even though in this case it's limited and flawed, I'm always glad when a national chain at least tries to meet the needs of people on gluten free diets. Eating out is and easily being able to order off the menu is something that I really miss since my son has gone gluten free. My son is not celiac - he's I guess what you call gluten intolerant (he does fine with gluten as long as we limit how much and don't let him have it right after, but let him have it for several days in a row and we see major behavior changes) - so this might be an option for him. And at least they appear to be aware o
  6. My 3 year old hates meat except the very occasional cheeseburger so we do meatless meals a lot. If you're ok with eggs, that gives you more options. I make bean patties a lot - rinsed and drained mashed great northern beans, some bread crumbs, and egg, and seasoning, shaped into patties and pan fried in some olive oil. We do tofu a lot too. Quiche (again assuming you are ok with eggs), pasta with a cashew cream sauce. Like someone else suggested, beans and rice. Pasta with pumpkin sauce. I make a bean dip with black beans and soaked cashews - sometimes we have that on rice crackers for
  7. We went to the one in Orlando. It was right after they introduced it so it's possible the kinks weren't worked out yet. Or we were all just being too picky!
  8. So I guess we are the only ones that didn't like it! I found the crust really "ricey" and it was VERY expensive. My son, the one who is gluten-free, wouldn't eat it. We ordered a white pizza and I think it was $17 for a medium. Having said that, I really do appreciate them doing that. It can be so hard to eat out gluten free, so I'm glad to see more places add things like this to their menu.
  9. Where can I get San-J's? Regular grocery store or do I need to make a trip to the health food store? We have been using La Choy's but I don't like the way it tastes.
  10. We made the cream sauce from cashew milk from the Spunky Coconut, added it to some gluten-free pasta and added a can of chickpeas. My picky 3 year old ate it, so we're adding this recipe to our rotation.
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