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  1. Here are some of my favorite blogs: someone mentioned Elana's Pantry - love her site because all her recipes are easy and don't require a lot of ingredients (she does usually only use one flour). Www.Lillianstestkitchen.com has fun cooking videos. I also love www.chocolatecoveredkatie.com. It's not strictly gluten free but most of her recipes have the adjustments listed. Couple others: www.realsustenance.com, www.paleomg.com, and www.detoxinista.com, www.spunkycoconut.com. Like others have said, I really like Pamela's baking mixes. I used one in my bread machine today and it came out amazing. Also use her muffin mix a lot. I get them in bulk from Amazon. For cookbooks, I use all of Elana's Pantry a lot. I also really like Paleo Indulgences.
  2. Another trick I've read is using club soda for the water. I've never tried it, but I can't imagine it would hurt!
  3. Kelleybean

    Bread Machine Recipe

    Thanks for the replies! Mamaw, I checked out the reviews for this cookbook and it looks like it was designed for a specific type of bread machine - not the one I have (the Cuisinart). If anyone has tried her recipes for the Cuisinart, can you let me know if it worked for you and what adjustments you made? The reviews I read on Amazon so far say her recipe didn't work in other machines. I'm surprised it matters so much since the Cuisinart does have a gluten free cycle.
  4. Hi - I recently got a bread machine with a gluten free setting and I love it! I've had really good luck with Pamela's bread mix, but would really like to use my own ingredients to save $. Does anyone have a tried and true bread machine recipe? I've tried some recipes off the internet and just threw it in the bread machine instead. I came close with one but the texture wasn't quite right. Thanks!
  5. I bake the nuts at 350 for about 8 minutes, then I let them cool slightly. I process them while they are warm but not hot. I wonder if the temperature helps? Do you have a high quality processor? I wonder if your food processor isn't strong enough (I use a cuisinart). It takes me less than 10 minutes in mine, and I've never had any problems adding maple syrup.
  6. Kelleybean

    Table Service Options

    We usually pack our food too. But it's nice to have options when I don't have my act together. I love that Jason's has gluten free bread and wish other chains would have that option.
  7. Kelleybean

    Table Service Options

    We are in Orlando so sadly no In n Out or Red Robin for us . He won't do Asian food either. We've actually been working in therapy to increase his food options and he's come a long long way but still very limited.
  8. Kelleybean

    Table Service Options

    Hi - Any suggestions for quick meals out for my 5 year old? Super picky so will only do grilled cheese and PBJ or a cheeseburger with no bun. Right now we do Jason's, Wendy's, and 5 Guys but looking for other options. I was surprised that so many places add wheat to their burgers! BTW he is gluten free bc of his autism, not celiac. Small amounts of gluten doesnt seem to bother him, just large quantity, so we are not overly concerned about cross contamination. Thanks!
  9. My son is autistic. We transitioned VERY slowly to gluten free which made it easier for us but I suspect that's why we didn't see any significant behavior changes. But every time we try to add it back, we see huge changes in behavior. Meltdowns (which is actually not common for him), "spacy", hyper, and emotional. We even did a test once where we didn't tell his teacher. She wrote me a long e-mail telling me she had never seen him like this and asking what was going on. Having that independent confirmation told me that gluten really does affect him. We'd actually like to be able to add occasional gluten back in. He's 4 now so he doesn't really pick up on it yet that his diet is "different." Since we're pretty sure he's not celiac (doesn't seem to have a problem with cross contamination and we've been able to do very minimal gluten without seeing any effects), I'd love for him to be able to have the occasional "cheat" with his friends.
  10. I don't know about the cookbook, but love this website: www.chocolatecoveredkatie.com. All her recipes are vegan. She is not gluten free but every recipe I've ever seen her publish either is or includes modifications.
  11. Kelleybean

    Babycakes In Downtown Disney

    I'm so sorry that you got sick! We go to Babycakes a lot as we live in Orlando. But my son has a gluten intolerance related to his autism and not celiac. Cross contamination doesn't seem to affect him. I wonder if they use an unusual flour or other ingredient that you are reacting to.
  12. There are a couple of boxed brands at my local health food store - sorry I can't remember the names. But I thought they tasted really bad. Amy's frozen was better. Can she do nuts? I do either the "Oh Geez Mac and Cheese" from Chocolate Covered Katie or the "5 minute mac and cheese" from Spunky Coconut. Both use nuts as their base. I should tell you that it doesn't taste exactly like mac and cheese, but still really yummy. My super picky 4 year old eats it.
  13. Our son may be different b/c he has a gluten intolerance vs celiac, but we typically don't see any changes till 2 days after eating gluten.
  14. We use Almond Breeze and Silk (whichever is on sale) with no apparent problems. But my son did appear to have a reaction to Rice Dream's rice milk. In case you are interested, super easy to make your own. Just blanch the almonds, slide off the skin, and do a 4:1 ratio almonds to water ratio in a good blender, then put through a nut milk bag. I like to add a little sweetener.
  15. Gluten most certainly affects my 4 year old's behavior! He's actually not celiac - on gluten-free diet for his autism. When he has a lot of gluten, he has major meltdowns (usually he's very easygoing), he's spaced out, and defiant. We've tried several gluten "tests" and always have the same results. I was actually upset about it because I was hoping that we'd be able to reintroduce gluten but it's not worth the behaviors that we get.