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  1. First of all, welcome! I know how good it feels to have figured out how to help yourself get better, and to begin the journey. I'm also vegetarian and I'll tell you that veggie-gluten-free isn't very hard, especially if you've been veggie for awhile and are used to that. I cannot recommend this...
  2. thanks for answering my problem....i just wanted to let you know i didnt have any corn today and havent had any pains...:) unbelieveable.

    thanks again :)))

  3. Thank you! I look forward to trying that recipe out!

  4. Hi AzizaRivers -- any chance you might post the homemade cinnamon muffin recipe? I love the brownie recipe you suggested. And cinnamon muffins? I'm wiping the drool off my keyboard! :)

  5. I don't know about your general coffee reactions, BUT...I've heard of many celiacs, especially on here, reacting to Dunkin Donuts coffee. Not sure why, I don't drink coffee myself, but perhaps they have widespread contamination or they contain some unsafe ingredient. So you might just need to find...