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  1. I was in the hospital in March for an intractable migraine. Had been there 3 days, severe pain, many tests run, lots of narcotics. the ...maybe.... 29 year old on call resident who was an idiot from the moment I checked in ordered a pregnancy test. When the nurse told me, I sat up...
  2. Thanks for your reply--yes, I tested homozygous for the C282Y gene mutation (it's a genetic thing) after a positive MRI scan of my liver showed the high iron content. I'm young to have symptoms for it--but since I had a hysterectomy, and I'm a positive genetically I showed signs of it early. Very...
  3. ok, I'm brand new here.....just wondering if any one else is experiencing the duel 'joy' of an iron overload and a gluten intolerance. I was diagnosed, much to my surprise, with hemochromatosis (which means my liver absorbs way too much iron) around the same time we figured out I was allergic...