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Kit Kellison works for a web-based patient advocacy group called "ThyroidChange" which is making inroads toward getting the attention that this issue deserves, and they request your help. Please visit www.thyroidchange.com and sign the petition demanding better care. There is a page for clinical studies and research papers for those who would like to further explore this topic.

  1. Celiac.com 05/30/2020 - Recently, I posted a query to ICORS Listserv’s celiac email group listing the following symptoms of hypochondria as found on the Mayo Clinic website: Excessive fear o...
  2. Celiac.com 05/03/2019 (Originally published 10/08/2010) - Through some intriguing recent studies, we are learning that celiac patients share some worrisome emotional experiences that will impact...
  3. Ugh! We fight to be respected and taken seriously by servers and food service providers. I can't imagine anyone I have met from any celiac community, IRL or online, who would not have been dressed down by the rest of the group for behaving this way. This sort of thing puts us back decades in...
  4. Celiac.com 01/26/2017 - Many people with celiac disease also have thyroid issues. In fact, it's the most common medical issue that celiacs have. However, just as we were often badly under-served...
  5. Celiac.com 09/08/2016 - I'm going to discuss a topic that I'm sure will be fraught with controversy. However, as someone who has watched the difficulty that so many new patients have in navigating...
  6. TTG accuracy isn't good enough, that's why a biopsy may shed more light. I would insist on an EMA blood test. It's important to know that in people with DH, the impact on the bowel may be less than for celiac without DH. Damage may be less easy to find via biopsy. Ask that the # of biopsies...
  7. Call a dermatologist and ask if they are familiar with dh biopsies. You don't need an endoscopy if you have a dhdiagnosis. Also, why not ask go to a different place for your endoscopy? As long as the doctor has written an order, you can take it a