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  1. Thank you so much for replying...your kindness and encouragement has renewed my fight. It means more than you all can know.
  2. I found this site out of sheer desepration and hope that someone can help. I have been having problems for over 15 years...since the birth of my last child. Numbness, tingling, burning bone pain, constant stomach pains and then recently, as in the last two years, serious bowel problems and weight loss. I have seen several doctors and have been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel and Fibromyalgia with occassional migranes. The common thread with each doctor is to put me on anit-depressants which add more side effects and do nothing for my symptoms. They have told me that I have leaky gut, over sensitive stomach...etc... and I have followed their advice up until recently when I reached my low health wise and frustration wise. My mother mentioned Celiacs and so out of desperation asked my doctor if that was possible and she said that I didnt have the symptoms. I believed her and went on with the way I was feeling...I am very active...I run, ride horses, back pack with my family and am not a whiner...I just want to feel better, take control of my health, get to the bottom of this all and most importantly find someone who truly wants to help and not just tell me Im depressed. I started a gluten free diet and within two weeks felt 75% better. The doctors still discounted it and wanted to do a colonoscopy and put me on anti depressants again. I tried to get in to Mayo Clinic but they said the info the doctor here submitted didnt prove Celiacs when all I want is to know WHAT it is then and why the gluten free diet is working...I am so sad and frustrated and feeling alone in this. My family is very supportive and I am thankful for that but is it truly in my head and why don't the doctors want to help? I am really not high maintenance and have been very patient with them but I am tired of it!!!! What should I do? Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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