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    Apparently I must be going to one of those American doctors that don't know medicine. I recently had an ear infection and got terribly ill with full blown digestive distress for a number of days. Just now feeling a little better. I...
  2. Also a newbie at the gluten free thing with very minor GI issues before diagnosis. I also have several mild allergies to the primary culprits..wheat, corn, soy, nuts, strawberries. I have tried several of the gluten free products and flours...
  3. Real1

    Struggle, Struggle, Struggle!

    Feel your pain....I was diagnosed in July 2010 confirmed with biopsy in Oct. I've been trying the gluten-free diet seriously since Jan 01 11. Doubt I will ever really be "gluten free" Although I live in an area where gluten...
  4. I had several of your symptoms before I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroditis (a decade before I was diagnosed with celiac) Numbness in my arms and hands (especially at night). The speech thing really freaked me out..I could hardly...
  5. A few people have mentioned "xantham gum" what is it and where do you buy it?
  6. Hello New to the Gluten Free world. I've been taste testing a lot of Gluten Free bakery items and other stuff and feel like I a wasting a lot of money. So much of the stuff really tastes like dirt...too earthy! My husband tried to...
  7. Thanks all for taking the time to respond. Celiac disease is quite perplexing. With a huge range of symptoms and issues. I share a lot of common issues with others, such as Hashimoto's thyroiditis, anemia, tendonitis that comes and...
  8. Hi Recently diagnosed with silent celiac disease on a fluke screening for anemia (which was later discovered to be primarily associated with an ovarian cyst.) Basically, I have no noticeable symptoms of celiac that I would run to the doctor...