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  1. Feel your pain....I was diagnosed in July 2010 confirmed with biopsy in Oct. I've been trying the gluten-free diet seriously since Jan 01 11. Doubt I will ever really be "gluten free" Although I live in an area where gluten free products are more available and it is a trendy diet...
  2. Thanks all for taking the time to respond. Celiac disease is quite perplexing. With a huge range of symptoms and issues. I share a lot of common issues with others, such as Hashimoto's thyroiditis, anemia, tendonitis that comes and goes,..but I still run about 5 miles a day, play indoor soccer...
  3. Hi Recently diagnosed with silent celiac disease on a fluke screening for anemia (which was later discovered to be primarily associated with an ovarian cyst.) Basically, I have no noticeable symptoms of celiac that I would run to the doctor for a cure. I am really frustrated by the thought of...