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  1. I disagree a little about scratching. Clearly it makes the itch or sting feel better or people wouldn't do it, although...
  2. itchy

    Are These Active Lesions?

    Yes, I would call them 'active' lesions. They are certainly 'active' as evidenced by the red inflammation. And lesion...
  3. itchy

    Omg Doctors Are Frustrating!

    I would consider reporting this guy to the org that oversees physicians where you live. Being careful of libel, of course...
  4. itchy

    Does This Look Like Dh To You?

    Thank goodness for the internet that helps us take responsibility for our own health. I'm not sure what the problem is...
  5. You refer to 'pustules'. I know there are people who have a variety of lesions, but for my part I have never had...
  6. Mikyraso First off, it sounds like you might still be eating too much gluten. Many people with Dermatitus Herpetiformis...
  7. Then we're agreed. I respect the vast amount of knowledge you bring to this conversation.
  8. itchy

    Confusion About Dh

    I don't blame you for being confused, but I don't think there are any easy answers. Because DH is an auto immune...
  9. Eatmeatforgood: If you read my comments you will understand that they don't contradict the quotes that you posted. Note...
  10. Squirmingitch, please go back and reread the thread. I did not at any point suggest people shouldn't reduce their...
  11. Squimingitch, there have been a number of people who have stated they didn't associate iodine with any effect on the...
  12. itchy

    New To Dh

    All good advice from Squirmingitch, except re iodine, which we disagree about. I have never been able to detect an effect...
  13. itchy

    Another Newbie: Could This Be Dh?

    BTW, some of the MD's I encountered were so egotistical and cynical that you couldn't shame them by giving them cut and...
  14. itchy

    Another Newbie: Could This Be Dh?

    I agree with the others, it certainly looks like DH! In my opinion, unless you have some overpowering need (perhaps...
  15. Kellbeth, it certainly is plausible that it is DH, especially considering your gastrointestinal symptoms. That said,...