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  1. After listening to all the stories for a couple of years now, I suspect there isn't really a 'normal course'. I think that there is a lot of interaction with our own body, stress, iodine, and who knows what else. One thing that seems to be constant is that when there is a relapse (not always...
  2. Remember that negative test results do not guarantee you don't have DH. There are a lot of false negatives.
  3. By your symptoms and the photos you certainly could have DH and be celiac. The range of symptoms can be quite broad. Do the blisters sting or itch like crazy? That would certainly be a sign. Also the lumps seem to be on your knuckles. I've never heard of that before, but it often strikes knees...
  4. I didn't search widely, but the only things I found very useful were antibiotic creams that moisturised and perhaps had an antibiotic effect. Probably don't need to say this, but the best long term solution is to be ever more ruthless in eliminating sources of gluten. I'm not very sensitive to...