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  1. Hi...I'm the new kid Unfortunately, I come only with questions. It's my greatest wish that I can make sense of what's plaguing me and sometime use this knowledge to help others. Until then, I'm at the mercy of all you folks more experienced than I! After stomachaches for months, I went to the doctor in November 2010 and my bloodwork showed a very strong positive for celiac disease. They tested my IgA antibodies, where 3-5=normal, 6=weak pos, and 10=strong pos. Mine were at 100. The test has a 99% specificity for celiac's. I declined the biopsy (too invasive), and decided to try going gluten-free for 30 days instead. I'm halfway through that 30 days, and still feel the same. I still get strong and painful stomachaches (mostly in the morning) followed by a painful bout in the bathroom. I might buy the whole "it takes awhile to heal" thing, but the symptoms haven't even lessened. It's like the food I'm eating is still making me sick, though I'm meticulously avoiding gluten. Anyone else with this experience? What gives?!
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