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  1. I would die without TJ's! I try to make things I ate before that are naturally gluten-free so like we'll make tacos with corn tortillas (we spray them with olive oil spray, salt them and put them on the griddle for a few minutes), beans, avocado, egg and green onions (I try not to eat a lot of dairy, as I think that affects me too). Also, I get white fish like tilapia and coat it in brown rice flour (not sure if you can find that in your area?) and saute that in olive oil- very tasty!
  2. Thanks for your responses! love2travel: Have you tried shopping at Trader Joe's? I know some people don't think all their gluten-free items are completely safe, but it's been great for me- especially making me not feel deprived! Although, I will say I was eating things that are "made on equipment that processes wheat" which I probably won't do anymore.
  3. First, I do have an appointment with a GI next week, but I just wanted to see if this happened to anyone else? I've been eating gluten-free for about 2 months (diagnosed with Celiac Disease via blood test). I wasn't symptomatic prior to going gluten-free in terms of stomach issues (I did suffer from infertility, mystery rashes and itching, hypostension and anemia), but for the past 2 weeks, (sorry if this is TMI!) I've had watery diarrhea up to 10 times a day and general stomach discomfort, burning, pain, cramps, etc. It does seem to get worse sometimes after I eat, but my stomach is generally unsettled at all times and the diarrhea is all day long even if I don't eat. Of course every time I look up my symptoms online, the first thing that comes up is celiac disease! But I have been eating gluten-free!!! I guess my question is can you become more sensitive to gluten after going gluten-free? I obviously wasn't very sensitive to it before, but I'm wondering if now having been gluten-free for 2+ months, I am getting much more sensitive so that if I accidentally eat it/cross-contaminate, I'm getting really sick? Has this happened to anyone else? The other thing that keeps coming up is Crohn's Disease so I'm hoping it's not that!
  4. HMReiss: I actually did finally get pregnant about 2 years ago after over 3 years, 4 IUIs and 4 IVFs. We thought we could never have another one (I refuse to do any further ivfs), but now I'm wondering if it may be possible. Of course, I've been gluten-free for over a month now, and I really haven't noticed much of a difference.
  5. I had an endoscopy 3 years ago because I was having very bad stomach pains and cramps. After it was over, she said all she found was pre-ulcers. She did do biopsies, but no one ever called me with results, and I never followed up because I didn't even know about celiac disease back then! The colonoscopy was done for unrelated issues, but I insisted that she order the b/w panel for celiac disease (because of my skin issues) so after my colonoscopy, I inquired as to my b/w results (again, no one called me) so THAT is why she listed in the colonoscopy report that she should look at my endoscopy results from 3 years ago. I'm going to make an appointment with a different doctor today. I'm just sick of going to doctors all the time!!!
  6. I found it odd as well. I thought she would recommend an endoscopy. I actually had a colonoscopy done on Monday, and she did put in the report that she wanted to look at my biopsy results from an endoscopy I had done 3 years ago, but if that showed evidence of celiac disease, and they never told me about it, we have a big problem!! Thank you for your responses!
  7. Due to some skin conditions and years of infertility, I made my GI order the celiac disease bloodwork panel. Unfortunately, the doctor had the nurse call me back, who did not seem exceptionally knowledgeable on celiac disease. She said the pathology came back fine, but that I tested positive for "Celiac Sprue". She did not seem to know what that meant (and I certainly don't!). I thought she would explain the different things I was tested for, but she did not. She seemed to take it pretty lightly, saying "it's just a little allergy" and "you just need to watch your diet". Does anyone know what it means that I "tested positive for celiac sprue"? Thank you!
  8. Does anyone know if Dean Jacob's gourmet seasonings are gluten free? Particularly the lemon pepper & herbs flavor. It says it contains the mystery, "natural flavor".
  9. TPT: Has eating gluten-free helped with your lichen sclerosus? I was recently diagnosed with LS as well, despite the fact it is most common in post-menopausal women, and I'm 34! It's awful. I've only had the symptoms since having my baby a year ago. There is very little research on it (of course since it's not a "man" disease or supported by drug companies), but I also found things online suggesting there is a link between LS and celiac disease. Some women have said eating gluten-free is the only thing to suppress their symptoms. I'm desperate for anything to work! I actually had an endoscopy (with biopsies) 3 years ago, which did not indicate celiac disease, but my GI still ordered the celiac disease panel of bloodwork, which I did today. Even if I don't have celiac disease, I'm going gluten-free in the hopes it will help with the lichen sclerosus.
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