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  1. Thanks guys Some pretty drastic changes in my life over the last 2 months (marriage breakup...moving out......distinctly UNpsilly stressy stuph etc, etc) SNAAAAPPP!!!!!! I'm SO cold!!.....not cut out for this wevah!
  2. Oooh blimey, things have changed round 'ere non? How are y'all?? It's been a long time!
  3. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  4. Yes, good for 98, eh? 'tis me sunscreen and me English skin :P

  5. Yes!, try it you must!! Natural red bull or even a cure all??? http://www.homeherbs.co.uk/0/product/0/39-...CFQNQEgodhxTbSA Have fun!!
  6. The way I understand it is you do not need to be anaemic (haemogloblobin) to have low a ferritin score. Ferritin is like a back-up store for iron - so if you are not absorbing iron your body takes from the Ferritin store (sounds like a shop! ) Over time if your body consistently needs to...
  7. It's the first time I've seen this chocolate bar in my supermarket (I'm in the UK) Does anyone know if it's Gluten Free? (no obvious dodgy ingredients)
  8. My hubbie was dx with celiac disease nearly 2 years ago.No-one else in his family has it. Not one of his 5 siblings has any symptoms,and no-one with even an auto-immune disease!! Maybe it skipped a couple of generations before it singled out my hubbie
  9. Hubbie (who has celiac disease )used to suffer constantly from 'night sweats' (so bad he would have change his top),but also suffered from chills ,when everyone else in the house was hot.It's like his thermostat went haywire. These symptoms went away after a couple of months G.F. My husband...
  10. Before dx I had to throw away a few of my hubbies T-Shirts and quilt covers. Where he had sweat,it used to completely take the colour out of the material-like when you spill bleach. Toxic sweat! He also used to urinate very frequently before going G.F.It makes sense that the body was trying...
  11. It's not just the ladies that get the night sweats! Pre-diagnosis my dh suffered terrible from these,they were bad-he used to have to get up and change and put a towel down on the bed.Soggy pillows-the works. Only gets them occasionally now.
  12. Yes!Before going gluten-free my hubbie used to get them terrible! He would have to get up and change his t-shirt and put a towel on the mattress to lay on.Since going gluten-free it's only happened a couple of times,nowhere near as bad though.