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  1. Hi everyone. I recently went gluten-free and have been happily surprised by the results. My insurance is not so good, so I haven't been to a doctor or been tested, but I figured if the cure is to stop eating gluten, then why not just try it. For many years I have struggled with bloating, fatigue, constant illness, constipation, irritability, and (embarassingly enough) some odor. Since I have gone gluten free I have an incredible amount of energy, haven't been bloated at all, and I am actually less irritable! Unfortunately I still have to take Metamucil and Philips Colon health to be regular and I still ocassionally have some odor. I have only been gluten free for a few weeks, so I am hoping that as my body heals all of my issues will subside. One thing that I noticed, it was a little weird, about a week after going gluten-free I noticed that my jeans were pretty loose. So I went in my closet and put on jeans I haven't been able to wear for years, they fit perfectly. I also noticed that my wedding rings are loose on my fingers. Is swelling associated with celiac disease? It happened too quickly to be considered weight loss.
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