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    Converting regular recipes to gluten free. Bob's Red Mill all purpose flour and xantham gum are my buddies.My non-gluten related interest include rose gardening, Bruce Springsteen and my children's high school sports. I also enjoy entertaining and serving gluten free menu without others realizing the difference.
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  1. I started a thread asking about hypoglycemia the other day. Well, went to doc today and he said my fasting level (85) was normal. He did say that I have parvo virus B19 and had mono within the last few months. What????????????? I discussed my GI doctor's ever changing dx and he asked if I had a biopsy done. Didn't have one because GI won't do it, says colonascopy was good enough and decided it was only IBS. Oh I also have acid reflux. GI did some blood work back in January and said white cell count elevated but didn't follow through!!! It is like you have to tell your doctors what to look for anymore. How discouraging is that. So anyway he told me to follow through and get a biopsy to confirm. I don't want to go back on gluten though. Going to do enterolab (cut vacation short)

    So, does mono or parvo virus B19 have symptoms of hypoglycemia? Are we more suseptable to these. Has anyone else had parvo virus B19?

    Any suggestions for doctor's in upstate NY? :(

  2. I didn't think about asking to be fit in if there is a cancellation. I will call tomorrow. He has also had several staph infections and has been on all types of antibiotics. His regular pediatrician doesn't seem to think much of it, did do a culture the other day though. These things are huge and very painful. Don't know if it is related to gluten or not. He also gets very bad chapped lips and also also chapped on the skin around the mouth and cracks in the corners. Any relation to celiac??????????????????? <_<

  3. I feel like I need to go back to college just to learn to eat these days. The last couple days have been o.k. with the sugar levels that is. I have been eating meats and vegis. However, when on a school field trip to Medieval Times, had a good time but got glutanized. There were some small noodles in the soup, didn't see them and knew I should not have eaten the soup in the first place. So now I am dealing with gluten reaction. Have had a few accidents lately. It just stinks having to watch every little thing I put into my mouth. It has only been four months of gluten-free and a week of realizing how low my blood sugar levels have been. Time and patience, :( and alot of research I guess. Thank you all for your help.


  4. Stephanie,

    Yes it was a fasting blood test. I ate small snacks throughout the day yesterday and felt a little better with the loopy-ness. However, I was so stuffed from eating, not used to that because of the stomach aches, etc of my former gluten life. As soon as I get the results of blood work and I am going to see a nutritionist. I am to the point of being totally clueless as to what I can and can not eat, when, and how much. Today I had a baked potatoe for lunch, guess that put me on some type of sugar high, felt good, most energy in awhile, but the crash was horrid. It seems to be a vicious circle. :unsure:

  5. Update, I was able to get my son an appointment at the Golisano Childrens Hospital's Pediatric G.I. center in Rochester, NY. I was referred to them by the parent of one of son's friends whose sister has celiac. Has anyone heard of Golisano and or Dr. Rossi? There is only one ped. GI in my area (Binghamton, NY) and I was told that he isn't so knowledgable about celiac disease. so we are going to tuff it out until August. I don't want to put my son through all the test and the you have this, no you have that, oh lets go back to the first diagnosis that I have gone through for the last 10 years. Very frustrating!

  6. Thanks for the info. I had blood test done this morning and I almost passed out. Never had that problem before when blood being drawn. Now I have to wait for the results. As for my diet being balanced, it's a tuff one. I have been eating mainly meats, vegi's, yogurt and fruit. Not sure if that is a balanced diet or not. This is so hard, for the first 2 months I felt awesome on the gluten-free diet and now new issues come up It is so frustrating and I feel like I am just complaining all the time about something.

    On the bright side however, I have been successful in getting an appointment with Strong Childrens Hospital GI department for my son. I hear they have an excellant reputation with celiac resurch, etc.. I hope he doesn't go through life the way I did.

  7. I have been gluten-free for four months. For the past few weeks I have been experiancing tingling in fingers and toes, foggy headed feeling almost like being intoxicated or on major drugs, tired and headaches. Usually feel this way in the moring and before meals. I purchased a glucose meter and my levels have been low. Sometimes I feel as though I am going to pass out. Is low blood sugar a common thing with the gluten free diet? Both my parents haare diabetic as well. I am going to my family doctor today. Has anyone else experienced low blood sugar symptpoms after going gluten-free?

  8. My GI insists that I have IBS. Over the last 10 years he has changed my diognosis, IBS, colitis, Inflamitory Bowel Disease and now back to IBS. I asked him about Celiac in January after finding this site and he insisted it was not my problem and would not order the celiac panel. I went gluten-free on my own and low and behold my food baby (looking pregnant after eating), diarehia and lots of pain all but diappeared except when I get glutenized. Told GI about this and still not tests ordered and possible celiac disease dismissed. Needless to say I will not be going back to this doctor and am now trying to get my son into Strong Children's hospital's GI department for testing. I feel that to many doctors write off symptoms as IBS and stress.

  9. Advise needed. I put my 12 year old son on a gluten-free diet for 2 weeks and he felt much better. Bloating and diarehha all but disappeared. Then the hard part came, back on gluten. He is now spending alot of time in the bathroom again, bloated and getting headaches. Also vomitted a couple times. I am trying to get him into a GI specialist in Rochester, NY however I have to wait until the 9th to even make an appointment (doctor's vacation). My question is this, should I put him back on the gluten-free diet until seeing the GI doctor or wait? I know that the best option for him is gluten-free but my concern is what if there is something else wrong. I am 99% sure that he has a gluten intolorance. The celiac panel that his ped. ran came back in the normal ranges which is confussing due to the positive changes he had while gluten-free. I am considering enterolab but I feel the need for a diagnosis for him. As for myself, gluten-free sense January and feeling 100% better, well except for the slip ups.

    So my question is, do I put him back on gluten-free diet until he sees the GI doctor. I hear it may take a couple months to even get in.

  10. I was having the same problem coming up with ideas for school lunch. I got alot a great suggestions here. I have sent my son to school with mac & cheese that he likes to make himself. We use rice pasta and powdered kraft cheese that I found at Wal-Mart next to the parm. cheese and spegetti sauce (thank you celiac3270 for that wonderful idea). Another idea is cheese sticks and the bite size peperoni, can't remember the brand but it says gluten free on the package, I love that, it makes it so much easier when shopping. I think they may be Hormel. For a snack, rice crispy treats made with fruity or cocoa pepples.

  11. I have had sharp pain in my ears and they constantly feel as though there is fluid in them. The doctor always says that there is no fluid in my ears and dismissing the earaches. I would too would get migraines and think that they were triggered by a sinus/ear infection. Sense being gluten-free I have not had a migraine but still have the ear thing going on. Although it does not sound as bad as you have experienced. Both the ear, nose, throut doctor and the dentist seem to believe that it is caused by TMJ.

  12. I spoke to my GI doctor's office this morning to ask for the blood test results so that I could try to understand why he told me I don't have celiac but he put me on the gluten-free diet anyway. I have been gluten-free for about 7 weeks with very positive results. Anyway, his nurse told me that the EMA was negative so they did not perform the anti-gliadin tests. Isn't that test the one that could show if you have an intolerance to gluten and/or wheat. I have been reading alot on this site and am still confussed with the tests. My son had all the blood tests done which came back normal and I have him on the diet with positive results as well. I believe however, if I understand correctly that his IgA was on the high normal side. If I ask for the IgA, anti-gliadin and IgG test will I have to go back to eating gluten. I had gluten by mistake and boy did I feel horrible for a couple days. Your advise, as always is greatly appreciated.

  13. Nicole, we used to make quesadillas with the flour tortillas prior to going gluten-free. I use the corn one now. I will have to give your recipe a try to use them for pizza. The frozen crust I bought did were not terrible but we just could not get used to the texture after several bites. The toppings on the other were very good. My son was wondering if there is a gluten-free mix so that we can make the pizza crust thinner.

  14. Thank you all for the suggestions. After only 4 days of being gluten-free my son is feeling better. I found the Kraft cheese in the can at Wal-Mart by the spegetti stuff and sent him to school with mac. and cheese. It tastes just like the regular stuff. We also made rice crispy treats with fruity pebbles, yum, yum. Tonight we are trying the gluten-free pizza crust. This site has been a live saver for me. Because of all the great suggestions my 12 year old has is not fighting me (yet) on this gluten free challenge. :D

  15. celiac3270, she transferred over to the high school this year. I am going to call her mom this weekend to talk. By the way, you mentioned Kraft cheese packets being gluten-free. Can you buy them seperate or do you just use the packet in the box and get rid of the gluten noodles? The conveniance of those cheese packets is great when my son wants to cook himself after a hard days work for me.

  16. celiac3270, thank you for all the suggestions. Here is treat that some may or may not want to try. My stepdaughter made it up and all the kids love it. She calls it peanut butter sugar. What she does is put peanut butter in a bowl and mixes it with a tablespoon of sugar. I made a rule that it was off limits due to the sugar put I may consider it for my son's lunch here and there. At least he would be getting some protein and also feel, well, a bit privaledged for being allowed to take it to school. Also, regarding school lunches; I spoke to the principal an hour ago about my son's new diet and low and behold, his daughter is celiac so he completly understands the difficult road ahead and how under-diagnosed it is. My son does attend a private school so it should be easier in that regaurd. And on another positive note, my son's best friend is the principals son and I know the family. I have been looking forward to attending a local support group meeting in a couple weeks and now I have someone locally to talk to as well. :P

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