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    Converting regular recipes to gluten free. Bob's Red Mill all purpose flour and xantham gum are my buddies.My non-gluten related interest include rose gardening, Bruce Springsteen and my children's high school sports. I also enjoy entertaining and serving gluten free menu without others realizing the difference.
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  1. Thank you for the suggestions. I was going to send him with lunch meat and cheese and he told me he can't eat it without bread. The bread I bought, can't remember the name says best if toasted so we haven't tried it as a sandwich yet. Made an awesome stuffed french toast with it though. I think he will fight me on this for a few days in hopes of getting snack type food. Fortunatly he does like the rice cakes and ate them before. Never thought about putting peanute butter on them. The kid won't eat vegi's other than broccoli cheese soup. We tried a gluten-free broc soup from health food store and I have to say, not so good. On the plus side he does love fresh fruit. Does anybody know how gluten-free mac & cheese holds up in a thermose? Regarding the gluten-free pizza, does it come pre-made? I did buy some pizza crust and will be making that this weekend.

  2. I started the gluten-free challenge with my son today which is going to be hard. If anybody has suggestions on what to send with him for lunch it would be a great help. Today he went with yogurt and apple and some corn chips. I spoke to the school and they are not allowed to heat things up for him that he brings in, state law or something. His bloodwork came back in the normal range yet he is still having all the symptoms. When I went gluten-free it was like a miracle after 10 years of suffering with stomach problems. I want to do this challenge for 2 or 3 weeks and see what happens before taking him to the local pediatric GI (only one in the area). I would hate to have to put him through the usual invasive proceedures that I had to go through. Any help and advise would be greatly appreciated as I am very confussed and don't know what route to take.

  3. The pediatricians office called with the results. They said that they all look normal and the EMA is not back yet. IgA-9, Anti-Gliadin- 11 (is this the same as IgG?) and transglut..... is a 4, the nurse could not pronounce. She told me that if my son is still having the diareha, etc. to try changing his diet. What do I do? I have felt 99% better sense going gluten-free. Would a significant cut back in gluten in his diet help? I am considering gluten-free for a few weeks and see what happens. Any advise would be appreciated.

  4. I have had the same situation sense going gluten-free as well. For me, I notice it more in the morning on my way to work which is scary. I usually feel better after I eat something. My routine is to have some fruit for breakfast once I am settled in at my desk. I should eat before I leave but that would require getting up earlier and I am still having trouble sleeping at night. My mother has tested my sugar level a few times when I felt dizzy and it always comes back on the low side of normal.

  5. I always thought that it was normal for peas and corn to enter the bowl in the same form that they went in. As they say, learn something new every day. I have noticed in the last week or two (gluten-free for 6 weeks) that my stool (soft but formed) is 2 colors, like a green and brown. Is this normal? Never seen anything like it before.

  6. If this has been posted before please forgive as I am a newbie. Has anyone ever experienced similiar situation. I have had swelling and severe crippling pain in every joint in my body accompanied by hives. This has happened 4 times over a period of 15 years or so. Each time the doctors could find no reason and wrote it off to an allergic reaction, they did not test to so what I was allergic to. For years I assumed it was shrimp because the first time it happened that was the one thing I could single out that I had eaten differantly. The next few times had no correlation to any sea food. I do eat seafood from time to time with no problems. It is very puzzeling and I have never heard of anyone else with this problem. The swelling and pain was so bad that I could not even walk to the rest room on my own. Could this have been a reation to gluten? Any insite would be greatly appreciated.

  7. I can't believe this, what a relief. My husband told the pediatrician that I was diognosed with celiac after the doctor said that I told him I had gerd. As mentioned before I have not gotton a diagnosis of celiac disease from a doctor. Anyway the pediatrician read my list of symptoms that my son has had and said it does sound like celiac. He ordered all the blood tests that I had written down (from this site) and the results should be back in five days. I am relieved that the peditrician took us seriously and is testing him.

  8. Kaiti,

    It was a Wal-Mart brand box mix, you know the kind with the powered cheese. It was probably not a very good idea to eat it at all. From now on I will make it from scratch. It is tuff with both my husband and myself working and then going home to my son and four step children to feed, etc. I have been eating fresh fruit, vegi's and meat. Hoping to expanc the diet a bit more. I printed the lists from this site yesterday and posted on my refrigerator.


  9. My husband is at the doctor now with my son armed with a list of symptoms and blood work that I want done.

    I too thought it was suspicious that my GI told me to stay away from breads and pasta. Just the other day I ate scalloped potatoes. My husband read the label and said there was no wheat. Well low and behold I bloated (my potatoe baby) and had a terrible stomach ache all night long not to mention running to the bathroom. I dug out the box and it contained modified food starch. I am guessing that is the culprit. I am still very new to deciphering labels but now have a good and bad list on the frig.

  10. Hello everyone. I have been reading alot on this site for two months now and want to thank everyone for all the great information. I have been suffering with symptoms for over ten years now and have been told that I had IBS, then it was colitis, then Inflamitory bowel disease and then back to IBS. My GI doctor did one blood test for celiac, Anti-Gliadin and said I did not have celiac. However he told me to stop eating breads and pastas. In frustrastion I began researching on the internet and for the first time heard about celiac. I have been gluten-free for 6 weeks and feel 98% better. The bloating which made me look as though I was 6 months pregnant has gone away, I have normal BM's, back and joint pain gone. I have had several broken bones over the years and would joke that I should tatoo fragile on my head.

    My 12 year old son has diarrhea alot, acid reflux and vomits quite often. He has not lost weight, on the contrary he has gained and it also seems as though the kid is always hungry. He also gets unexplained recurring boils on his skin which were staph infections. He has an appointment with the pediatrician tomorrow and I am going to ask him to order blood work to screen for gluten intolorance. My main concern is getting the proper diagnosis for my son so that he doesn't have to go through the pain and discomfort that I have. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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