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  1. My husband (non-diagnosed) has been nauseous for weeks now. I've been trying to remove everything I can from our home that might cause some cross-contamination. Recently, as I was looking through our rice, I came across a single grain that looked different than the rice. I decided to try and see if they have any other grains in their plant. I've called the same company about their cornmeal and have been avoiding using it because it's been WEEKS since they got back to me. I'm calling them again on Monday. But looking at this website has me quite suspicious as it seems they also sell other grains. There's no mention of whether or not they are on the same lines, etc: http://www.shahtrading.com/items_variety.php?lan=en&CategoryID=1&Category=Rice-and-Grains The Rice we've been using is from the brand NUPAK. His nausea started around the same time we started eating more rice again after pulling our kids off the Specific Carbohydrate Diet a bit. Any thoughts??
  2. WHAT!?!?! Spectrum oils too!!! BAH!! I GIVE UP!!! My poor husband. I may never know what made him sick this week. Yesterday and today I've been on the phone CONSTANTLY!! Even cornmeal and RICE flour I just bought may have been cross contaminated (they're getting back to me). I mean COME ON!!! Do you think I would WANT to buy rice flour if I didn't HAVE to!?!?! Ha... sorry, that's probably a bit mean. But FRIG!!! LABELS PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. My husband has been feeling off for the past week. I've been trying hard to find the cause. Then I realize (after calling) that their lines have gluten on it. I'm so frustrated. I'm sure most of you have been down this path and that I'm lucky, compared to years ago. I suppose I literally have to not buy ANYTHING unless it SAYS gluten free right on the package. Even single spices (which I thought were okay) I STILL have to call and ask if I want to use it. GRRRRR... So frustrated right now. Dawna
  4. Ugh... how infuriating then. My husband specifically WENT to the GI Specialist to test for Celiac. I remember discussing with my husband about the endoscopy and feeling that the GI specialist should do one. The "specialist" insisted that he didn't need one to test for celiac. What a waste of precious time and possible side effects from a procedure that may not have told us anything. *sigh* So much for "specialist". Dawna
  5. Thanks for the reply. No, they *only* did a colonoscopy. They did not go through the mouth. Unless my husband's confused as to which way is up. Ha! The GI specialist said they went through the large intestine and that he was "able" to reach the small intestine. Dawna
  6. Really?? So, no matter what, a colonoscopy (even if the so-called GI "specialist" went IN to the small intestine and grabbed a biopsy) could not have tested for celiac? Why on Earth???... Dawna
  7. So a brief background on my husband: -Plagued with anxiety issues since childhood. -Prone to nose bleeds as a kid -Developed tinnitus after working at a feed-mill (teenage years) in Alberta, Canada -Surgery for fungal ball in sinuses 10 years ago (AFTER 5 rounds of antibiotics due to misdiagnosis of sinus infection). -major headaches for approx. 10 years (didn't resolve after surgery - ENT thought they found it by accident and had nothing to do with his headaches). -nummular ezcema?? I know this is not a sign of celiac but it's a type of exzema that both he and my son have. -blood test showed low levels of calcium and B12 - We have three kids with digestive issues (one with chronic diarrhea, distended belly, hard to fall asleep, moody, long eyelashes and the other with Autism (resolved on Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), which has no gluten, etc). About a year ago, we all went on the SCD. My husband's issues did not resolve, but he seemed to "cope" better with it all. Then, my husband went OFF the SCD in June and all craziness broke loose. He began having anxiety 'attacks' which he's never had before and gut issues (which also occured when eating almonds). Then he went off the gluten, and the gut pain and attacks went away. Again, it happened the second time. We then went out to a restaurant where there was a language barrier and he decided to do it anyway, despite asking and the waitress saying it was okay. The next day and for a couple of days after that, he was just "checked out". Barely spoke and just couldn't "handle life". Mentioned his thoughts were hard to stop from racing. Here's where I'm confused. We suspected gluten awhile ago. The blood tests came back negative for celiac but we wonder if he was eating enough gluten. After finding out our son had autism, we removed all gluten from our home. My husband managed to have some everyday but, I can't remember how much. So, I wonder if he really had enough for any test to be positive. In addition to this, his GI specialist did a colonoscopy to diagnose whether or not he had celiac? He did say he managed to get into the small intestine. I don't know if he did a biopsy of the small or the large intestine but although the biopsy came back slightly damaged, the GI specialist said it was IBS and NOT celiac. After eliminating gluten (which we plan to continue, although we're wondering to go through with another test unless it is agreed that a colonoscopy can, indeed, diagnose celiac), my husband is able to cope so well. He no longer feels like life is overwhelming (although he has his moments - whereas before it was the opposite). He no longer feels the need to be a workaholic and can simply "be" with us without "checking out". His headaches are also lessening more and more and we're both a bit confused. I'm thrilled that things are getting better. And I don't necessarily care about whether or not he has some sort of diagnosis. But, as some of you may know, some people just aren't taking his illness seriously at all. It might also help our children and his father (as his father struggles with similar issues). Anyways, I've rambled on long enough. Thanks if you made it this far!! Please someone help us make sense of this GI specialist as I heard you need an endoscopy.
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