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  1. Hi guys. I found these posts really helpful and similar to my symptoms. I am 22 and i have been suffering from GI problems for the past one year. The doctors have tried everything they could possibly do. I was diagnosed with Camplybacter jejuni bacteria at first which I don't have anymore. Then, I started to have these symptoms. The symptoms first started with a feeling of lump on my throat, then it gradually started to get worse and worse. Right now my symptoms include regurgitation, feeling of nausea,vomiting, bloating, pain all around the stomach, ibs symptoms and the worst one is feeling the need to burp but CANNOT..a constant pressure on the chest and feeling full.. and it becomes really hard for me to breath. These symptoms are there everyday and everytime I eat something. I had a Endoscopy and biopsy, 24 pH monitoring, barium exam, thyroid check but the only thing that was found was a slow digestion and slightly weak sphincter muscle. I have lost about 30 lb over the year, im always tired and very weak, i get headaches...feel dizzy. I went to a nutritionist and have been on a special reflux diet for 2 months but nothing has changed. I am a 4th university student but missed a full year of school because of this, my social and family life has also changed drastically. I really don't know what to do, my life is really static right now.

    If anyone had a similar situation and survived or doing something that's helping you, please let know.

    Hoping to hear from you guys soon.