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  1. Thanks for your responses. At least I know a little better what I’m dealing with. I have contacted them and am waiting back to hear. My cruise isn’t until January 2019.
  2. Probably misses the mark, but could it possibly be Pressure Urticaria? I had urticaria for 18 months straight and the hives caused by pressure didn’t always present like the classic wheal. Sometimes it was just strong, bruising pain.
  3. Has anyone taken a Hurtigruten cruise of the Norwegian coast? I’m investigating it, and wondered if anyone had first-hand knowledge about the food (how accommodating were they of gluten free diners).
  4. I've had this before too. Look up LERD, or silent reflux. It's a type of reflux that sounds a lot like what you're going through. http://www.webmd.com/heartburn-gerd/guide/laryngopharyngeal-reflux-silent-reflux
  5. Hello All, I will be traveling to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, Tennessee in a few weeks and am looking for gluten free friendly places to eat. I can find the chain restaurants on my own but am hoping for recommendations for any smaller independent type places. Thanks!
  6. I would encourage you to get it checked out by a doctor. It could be shingles.
  7. I have gotten chilblains when my feet haven't been THAT cold. Red itchy/painful blisters on the toes. I have Graves' (sort of like opposite Hashis) as well as celiac.
  8. Thanks for the advice, mommida! I am used to bringing snacks for myself, but I'm an adult and can more easily deal with the unhappiness of being the only one without a dessert. I definitely don't want Grant to feel left out and if I can prevent it, I will. ahearnsberger, I read on some info...
  9. Had a very positive experience at Cincinnati Children's Medical Center with Dr. Mike Leonis. He has great bedside manner, addressed and validated all of my concerns for my child, and made a point of talking directly to my 10 year old son. Children's is a wonderful place. The nurse is available to...
  10. Well, here's the update. My son saw a wonderful pediatric GI doctor at Cincinnati Children's. The doctor took all my concerns very seriously, especially about his weight. He showed me the growth chart, and we looked at where Grant is on the chart-- he is moving along in a flat line, well below the...
  11. Thanks for all the input and things to consider. He is eating a ton of gluten. Toast for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, granola bars, pretzels, etc. He knows he might have celiac, but for now we have not made any changes to his diet. He is taking a multivitamin, and I also have him taking a Vitamin...
  12. Thank you for responding. I hope others will as well. My son is ten, almost 11. He weighs 52 pounds. He is a foot shorter than every other kid in his class. As far as the elevated ttg possibly being from something else, according to blood work, he doesn't have diabetes and his thyroid is fine...
  13. I was diagnosed four years ago, and have been watching my son carefully. After reading a lot in May (Celiac Awareness Month) I was encouraged to have him tested. His is very small for his age-- 1% for height and 3% for weight, but both his parents are small. He also complains about his legs hurting...