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    Love to travel, camp and fish in the warm months and spend most of my winter months baking.

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Diagnosed with Celiac Disease in September, 2010. I was fortunate because it didn't take me near as long to get diagnosed as it did others but it was certainly a shock to find out what a change in lifestyle I was in for. I have lost 48 lbs since May, 2010 when symptoms first started. Even though I am faithful to my gluten-free diet I am still testing positive for gluten, malnurished and dehydrated according to recent blood test and dealing with some symptoms but not near as severe as they were back in May, 2010.

I am the mother of 3 college aged children, work as an accountant and am helping take care of my mother-in-law who is suffering from Alzheimers. Very busy life and this new diagnosis is making it even more interesting. We like to travel so this celiac disease is going to present some new obstacles for me.

It takes alot to get me down but this has definitely been a challenge and changed the way I live my daily life. My little brother said something to me when I was first diagnosed that still makes me laugh to this day. He said "Funny that YOU of all people would have celiac disease since you live in the Wheat State, grew up in the back of a wheat truck during harvest and you LOVE to bake cookies, cakes and breads. You must have really done something to make God mad enough at you to do this!" LOL Gotta love little brothers!

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