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  1. Anti-Gliadin (AGA) IgA Anti-Gliadin (AGA) IgG Anti-Endomysial (EMA) IgA Anti-Tissue Transglutaminase (tTG) IgA Deamidated Gliadin Peptide (DGP) IgA and IgG Total Serum IgA This is a list direct from a Mod here named Mushroom. I did a C&P from my thread so as to save it to a Word document. I have previously been tested positive on the genetic screening, but then had an EGD that was totally negative. Went gluten-free for a year and a half, with no changes basically. I will be getting these same blood tests done for the first time next month hopefully, and be able to put this question to rest for myself once and for all. Best wishes, and keep eating plenty of gluten until the tests.
  2. An EGD is nothing in terms of testing,.....totally painless. I have had two of them BTW. You are doing the right thing by eating as much 'gluten' as possible. Do NOT cut back until you get the results. I think you are correct to go gluten-free regardless of the biopsy results, but you MAY turn out like I did. I went gluten-free for a year and a half after positive gene tests, and then a totally negative EGD. I never felt any better, and I actually gained weight back after starting to eat normal again. I am full of gluten at this point, and will be having all the blood tests done for the first time soon. A lot of people DO have IBS, and GERD. I believe that is what my issue is. You must do what you feel is correct for yourself. Many here will say you need to be gluten-free regardless of any testing, or whether your symptoms improve or not after you try the diet for an extended time. Your choice as to whether you buy into this mindset or not. Some folks have almost turned this into a religion, and they get VERY offended when someone says something they don't wish to hear. Check into the Paleo style diet. This is basically what I did, and regardless of gluten, it's fine to follow IMO. I wish you the best!
  3. That you very much for that added information. I tested low on B-12 one time, but I attribute that to my long term use of Nexium for GERD. I was on 40mg a day for roughly 5 years. I then cut my dosage to the 20mg pill against my GI docs wishes, and have done fine. Funny thing is my B-12 went up after going back to a normal diet, but I also realize it may have something to do with the lower PPI dose,....who knows to be honest. I have also gained weight since not being gluten-free any longer. I thought a sign of celiac, or gluten intolerance was unexplained weight loss? Keep in mind I am not eating a 'non-healthy' diet by any means. Have already faxed that list of blood tests to my doc, and they said I can pick up the order whenever I want to. I will be very interested to see the results. Personally, I consider 2 to 3% false positives to be quite low. Thanks again for any and all info posted. I just want to know for certain, much is possible, that I am not doing damage to myself, and I simply have IBS.
  4. Thanks a lot Mushroom for the reply. All I can say is I remember the GI doc saying he took quite a number of samples for biopsy. I would have to pull my paperwork to be able to comment further than I have. I am going to get the blood tests done next month, and it will be interesting to see the outcome. I hope that Quest Diagnostics handles these, as it is where I am supposed to get blood work done under my insurance policy. I have had a number of blood tests done that are meant to show inflammation in the body, and they have all been negative. I remember CRP, and ANA for two,......very low. Doc actually tested my uric acid level as well thinking possibly I was having a small amount of gout in my joints. Another negative, as I was barely above the low normal point as in 4.5 IIRC. I see all the things you have given up, and can't imagine how you manage to eat to be honest. Myself,......about the only thing I don't eat is soy. I love tomatoes, and sauces made from the same. Can't imagine how this could be an issue, as I have eaten them my entire life. When I was a young child, I was supposedly allergic to milk for a period of time. I started back on it about 12 years of age, and it seemed the problem had disappeared. I rarely drink milk, but I DO love cheese in moderation. How did you find out you had issues with all of these food items? Are there tests for these as well, or did you just keep eliminating things from your diet to find out on your own? To finish up, after some thought,......I was gluten-free for very close to a year and a half. It was late summer 2012 that I started slowly adding gluten back into my diet, and within a month I was back to eating exactly like I did before. I have been eating gluten everyday for 6 months or so now, and I assume that is plenty of time for the blood work. Hopefully those tests will confirm/deny something for me. I just don't know whether I have a gluten/food allergy issue, or I really have IBS. My arthritis could be easily explained since I have been a contractor for 30 years, and my body has been through a lot of wear and tear. I don't get the symptoms that a lot of you folks seem to have, such as skin issues, itching, brain fog, etc. Mine is mainly a rumbling gut with constantly changing bowel habits that did not go away while I was gluten-free. Sorry for my rambling novel, but I appreciate your time very much! Best to you.
  5. Mushroom,.....hate to bug you again, but did you see my last post? Would a week at most gluten-free fully, or partially impact my EGD biopsy results? Thanks again.
  6. Marc49

    I'm Done

    Obviously you are looking to take offense at what I said when it was not meant in that way. First off YOU start a thread titled "I'm Done." Sounds quite positive to me. Secondarily, I tried to show you what one test was about that you claimed to be unaware of, and then I went on to say what I HAVE seen in a few folks before. One of my best friends almost drove himself insane looking at medical info. Best wishes, and you will never see another response from me, so no worries.
  7. Gene test results 1/19/2011,........I joined here 1/21/11, and my EGD was done 2/9/11. Since I came here looking for advice on going gluten-free, I would say I 'may' have been gluten-free totally for possibly a week at most. I really appreciate the list of blood tests, and will get this done as soon as i can. You understand,......I just want to know. IF I have IBS and arthritis, so be it. If I have gluten intolerance that is part of this, then I need to accept it and do what I need to do. Thanks much!
  8. Don't know how many remember me from awhile back, but I am in need of having a question answered. Little bit of history first. I was diagnosed with IBS a long time ago, and had symptoms that seemed to match. I ended up going to a functional medicine type doc a few years ago, and for some reason he ordered a gene test through Enterolab. It came back positive, and I was told to go gluten-free right away. I did this, and roughly 2/2011 I ended up having a colonoscopy and EGD done. My GI doc said I showed no signs of celiac disease through biopsy, or any problems with my villi. He basically called the other doc a quack, and said I could return to a regular diet. Long story short,......I ended up staying gluten-free for about a full year, but didn't really feel any different to be honest. I slowly started back to eating my old diet, which is quite healthy, but does include gluten. Eating a turkey, tomato, and cheese sandwich on rye bread as I type. My point is the fact I have never been tested via a blood sample. I brought this up to my primary care doc in January, but he said that the blood tests were basically worthless, and wouldn't confirm/deny a thing. Is this true? If not, and I insist, he will order the tests and my insurance will cover it. I am simply trying to find out what the truth is in my case. DO I have a gluten intolerance, or don't I? DO my stomach issues, and arthritis pains come from gluten, or just a result of other issues, and a lot of hard physical work that I have done in my life. If someone could answer this question, and tell me what blood tests are applicable, I would appreciate it very much. BTW, problem with not being 'glutened up' per se. I have been eating without restriction for many months now. I'm full of the stuff by now! Thanks.
  9. Marc49

    I'm Done ANA as you probably know is looking for any inflammatory issues, too many to mention. One thing I have learned,.......when ANYONE obsesses on a health issue, and spends a lot of time doing research on their own, you are bound to drive yourself to distraction at one point or the other. This article leads to another article, on and on. Before you know it, you have yourself dying from your own self diagnosis. Quit dwelling on it so much, and you just might feel better.
  10. Sylvia,.....I tried it as well and had the same problem as you did. Hope you remember me from other threads! No altitude issues in Florida for sure.
  11. Well I am bringing this thread back to life! Sylvia,.....I tried your pizza crust recipe after I finally rounded up the ingredients. While it didn't taste like the little NY style place I used to go, I was impressed for certain! I actually preferred it to the crusts I have been buying in all honesty. That is some sticky goo though when it comes out of the mixer! Simona,......thanks for your recipes as well. I have saved them but have not tried them yet.
  12. I believe my insurance might let me go to LabCorp now, but it's not convenient for me in terms of location anyway. Plus my mother that lives in the same county as I do, has used LabCorp and gotten some wacky test results compared to Quest. This is certainly what I will be doing, but I am still going to wait for fall and cooler weather due to my business. IF I get issues after starting a challenge, I don't want to have to deal with them in this heat right now. Wonder how many pizzas I can eat from my favorite old place in 3 to 4 months for my challenge?
  13. No, I really only picked up the one to try and see what they carried. Unfortunately this is a small 'specialty' store, and they were short of stock, waiting for a shipment the day I stopped. I am going to try your pizza crust recipe for certain when I can round up the ingredients. I still have about 6 of the crusts I have been using which are vacuum packed in the freezer. I doubt I would like Bob's Red Mill either as I am not really into garbanzo beans. I have eaten them in salads, but they taste like chalk to me!
  14. Yes Sylvia,...the mixer had no issues at all. I'm glad I bought this instead of a bread machine. Clean up was easy, and no 'paddle' holes in the bread. Believe it or not the whisk did the job just fine, but I may try the paddle next time. I didn't even pay attention to what flours were in the mix, but what you said might have caused the same impression with me. The only bread that I have had since the first of the year has been Udi's frozen mini slices! I don't know why I hate that bread so much when others seem to like it, but I do. The only thing I could stand to use it for was a grilled cheese/patty melt, or the like.
  15. Well I finally got around to making it last evening. Everything went pretty much like expected, and it smelled good while baking. Came out of the pan looking good, and after cooling I sliced it. Last night I had my first sandwich in a long time that wasn't on heated bread per se. Overall it was OK, but I have to say I'm not crazy about the taste. Probably not even the fault of the mix, as I rarely ever ate white bread anyway. I used Jewish Rye the majority of the time, followed by whole wheat and then a marbled pumpernickel that you get from the Publix bakery. Anyway,......I guess for a simple mix it's OK overall, although it seems to be 'stiffening' up a bit today. I'm going to bag it with about 4 slices per bag and freeze it which I think Sylvia also does. I'm certain after today it will be back to the same as before,......grilling, toasting, or nuking it. I will say that it's better than Udi's IMHO anyway.