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  1. Taking NSAIDs could be what's upsetting your stomach. Can you try sticking to Tylenol?
  2. TB4me2000

    Immediate Reaction?

    If it's gluten, I know in about 20 minutes. Something that just doesn't sit well in my sensitive, healing stomach/intestines usually takes a few hours for me to realize something's not quite right.
  3. Heck no! I'd eat every sandwich on crusty, squashy baguettes, and opt for croissants instead of toast for breakfast. The very idea makes me want to start baking. Yum.
  4. My mom has been great from the beginning. I told her over the phone one morning about a week before my birthday--"Mom, don't send me a cake! I can't eat wheat anymore!" I was so freaked out I was crying, which made her freak out...and then start researching. And guess what arrived on my doorstep a week later? A gluten-free birthday cake. That was a year ago! My dad, however, understood I was getting sick from eating gluten, but he had no idea how serious it was until about a month ago. We were having hot dogs and burgers for lunch and he asked to borrow my knife to cut his burger. I snatched it away from him and told him no, that it would make me sick. And he just stared at me. It finally clicked--I didn't even have to really eat anything to get sick. All it takes is a crumb. And he's been so sweet ever since, totally concerned about me being able to eat when we go out, asking about different products. It's funny what the "Oh, geez, this really IS serious" trigger is for family and friends.
  5. TB4me2000

    I'm Miffed - Need Advice

    Newbee, I think the difference between having a dish for a vegetarian and having safe food for someone with a food intolerance or allergy is that a vegetarian isn't going to get sick if there's a mistake in the kitchen. Vegetarianism is a far easier restriction to cook for and understand sometimes than gluten-free. Like others have said, you have a choice. You can put up with the restaurant they've chosen, be pleased with their attempt to accommodate your needs and have a good evening. Or you can stay home and be bitter about it. A wedding should be a time of joy. Is holding a grudge about the food available during one evening really worth it?
  6. TB4me2000

    Word Of Caution At Pf Changs

    The gluten-free soy sauce I've had isn't nearly as good as I remember "normal" soy sauce being. If I didn't have to go gluten-free, I don't think I'd be happy with it. Also, not sure what PF Changs does to their tofu to make it not gluten-free, but none of their gluten-free dishes contain tofu (that I noticed on the menu, anyway), so if you see tofu on your gluten-free plate, there's probably something wrong.
  7. Since going on a gluten-free diet, MSG does make me (briefly) ill. It also makes me eat half a bag of potato chips in about 5 minutes, so its probably a good thing I've cut it out...
  8. This is a post I can get into! Chicken breasts - bone-in for roasting and boneless for sauteeing Beef - stir-fry ready and ground gluten-free pasta Rudi's white bread White rice Potatoes. Love 'em. Chocolate - largely cocoa powder, good bars and chocolate chips for baking White rice flour - for baking! Greek yogurt for smoothies Fruit - OK, fudged this one, but berries, bananas, apples and oranges mostly
  9. Last Saturday, I went with my family to Chevy's in Princeton. I googled it before we went to see if they had a gluten-free menu and low and behold, they did! You can find it here >> http://www.chevysfreshmex.com/menus/gluten-free.htm Sometimes service at our Chevy's can be spotty and slow, and while I wouldn't call the service this time around speedy, it was very attentive to my gluten free needs. We asked the waitress for a gluten-free menu and she said Chevy's didn't have one, but she could bring the manager out to talk to me and she would oversee the meal. The waitress reappeared a few minutes later and said the manager was actually printing off the gluten-free menu and would come over to talk me through it, which she did. My order--crispy chicken tacos--was highlighted on the order as being gluten free. The manager and the waitress double-checked it before it was brought to the table. And it was scrumptious! Better yet, it didn't make me sick. I hope this wasn't a fluke. I was a little surprised by how great everything was, but I will certainly be making a return visit.
  10. TB4me2000

    Pei Wei

    I'm with ya! The one here in Baltimore is fantastic and a lifesaver when I'm craving sweet and sour chicken.
  11. I prefer Rudi's to Udi's but they're both pretty good. Just had French toast for dinner--first time in five months! Yum.
  12. TB4me2000


    I haven't checked any of the flavored ones, but I haven't had trouble with Blue Diamond roasted and salted almonds. Just check the label. Giant brand almonds, for example, have a warning on the label that says they might contain wheat (and a slew of other things).
  13. I make a mean grilled cheese sandwich in the toaster oven at work... I wouldn't suggest using one to make cookies. Tried that on a whim with my roommate. Very messy cleanup. If you're just cooking for one, though, I imagine it would be quite good for roasting veggies--potatoes, carrots, asparagus, zucchini, etc.--quickly, and doing small portions of frozen foods, maybe baking a single-serving casserole dish, mac 'n' cheese... It's my understanding that the toaster oven can do just about everything a normal oven can do. Just, you know, smaller. I could be wrong though. The baking experiment *so* did not work out for me, and I'm a good baker with a normal oven!
  14. Thanks, Takala, will do!
  15. I've been nibbling honey nut Chex (corn, I think, and labeled gluten free) for a few months now. Not quite honey nut Cheerios, but the closest I've found. Had 'em with cereal Saturday night and I felt like I was in heaven. The crunch! Yum!